Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe, Founder, and COO of Elite Strategies, have emerged as an unstoppable force in the digital industry.  Jacquelyn has managed to skillfully harness her strengths as a woman, mother, and entrepreneur as a powerful asset to blaze her path in the arena. Her vision has redefined SEO by fusing it with cutting edge designs that instantly transform a business into a brand and not only performs for her clients but exceeds expectations.

The unapologetically ambitious brand marketer, tech entrepreneur, and mother of three, first made a name for herself in New York City, working in film, fashion, and talent management. Jacquelyn eventually expanded her work across the hospitality industry. During this time, she sharpened her eye for branding and design while perfecting her skills in identifying and transforming a company into a real online presence.

Jacquie Coombe

Jacquelyn strongly believes that without an effective online presence, a company’s website becomes static.  Perhaps, more importantly, she recognizes that a brand is obsolete if no one sees it. What is the point in developing a company, refining its unique essence, and designing its distinctive image if it’s hidden in the depths of the internet? The company wants and needs to be seen.  In 2009, Jacquelyn and her husband, SEO-Guru Patrick Coombe, set out to answer this fundamental question, leading to the genesis of their thriving company, Elite Strategies, where design and brand meet action and ROI.

In a field that can seem mechanical and, frankly, dry, the female tech entrepreneur brings distinction, sophistication, and vibrance, infusing a bespoke quality to the technical work. She works from the ground up with her clients, building their brands through incorporated search engine optimization from inception. Jacquelyn develops unique content that draws users in and keeps them coming back, further enhanced by Elite Strategies’ highly specialized SEO tools, which ensures that messaging is targeted and reaching the right people. Her main focus is on finding the gems deep in the analytics to enhance the overall understanding of what makes a site move, which it reaches, where it goes, and what the behavior is behind the site. David Cantor, VP of Marketing at Dr. Praeger’s Sensible food, states, “Elite has exceeded our expectations with their deep understanding of analytics, as well as brand integrity. They are true partners in developing all aspects of our company’s online presence. We appreciate that they take the time to explain all of the behind-the-scenes work they’re doing, which helps our team better understand how Search Engine contributes to the growth of our business.”

Jacquie Documnet

Perhaps the greatest key to Jacquelyn’s personal success is her fierce, business-savvy approach, keen eye, and unwavering resilience, which she delivers to each and every one of her clients. So much so that her formula for success has proven to be recession-proof. Starting her tech and design firm in the midst of one of the greatest global recessions in modern history, Jacquelyn has continued to drive increasing numbers for her clients, and her own company, even amidst our current crisis. This formula relies on design as the backbone and SEO as the driving force.

Jacquie Coombe Friends

Now, with over 20 employees and an office in Florida, Bali, and a New York team. Jacquelyn’s precision and expertise in creating brands have left her dedicated to paying it forward and helping women, in particular, learn how to utilize their strengths and create their own pathway to success.