John, it sure is a pleasure meeting with you today. We are very interested in hearing about you and what led you to interior design. What keeps you passionate about it?

I’ve always been captivated how art and design move people emotionally. I enjoy the gratification Client’s receive when they see their visions come to life. My journey in design began when I moved to the United States as a young boy. It was a complete departure from what I had been used to as an 8 year old boy living in Rio de Janeiro. I became fascinated with how things were made – new cars, new gadgets, new spaces, amusement parks and of course movies. From an early age I had a feeling nothing was impossible – after all here I was in a new place where everything was incredible and fascinating. While in university I majored in industrial, graphic and interior design – all components of our environment.

How do you balance your work and your style, between the hospitality projects, which get so much press, and your residential work, which requires more discretion and intimate involvement with your clients?

Apart from my family, whom I adore, work is my second life. I wake up thinking of work and am inspired by everything around me. Although I have a more classical base in style – with proportions, shapes, textures and tones – this influence serves as a base for building innovative directions in the interiors I create. I like mixing unexpected but complimentary things in a naturally soothing and sometimes surreal way.

Does your hospitality work inform or affect your residential work?

My Hospitality work is inspired by my residential work. Hospitality Clients often hire us for the comfort and ease we bring to large projects and installations.

Many people don’t understand that utilizing an interior designer may actually save them money.  Can you elaborate?

My job as a designer is to provide guidance and educated insight to Clients. I lead them through a maze of options while bringing functional and innovative solutions for their consideration. It is important today to make smart selections of everlasting items both in quality and style. Trends come and go. But quality, artful pieces are everlasting. Client’s understand we stand for simply beautiful interiors – offering them unique choices to make their lives casually chic and comfortable.