Artist and designer Marcelo Holzinger shares his inspiration and reasons why he loves the cosmopolitan culture of Miami.

Where did you grow up, and when were you first drawn to creating?
I grew up in Argentina, and I feel that I was born loving art. When I was a very child, I was drawn to beauty, nature, art, and music. I remember even back in elementary school being very happy and excited when doing activities involving creativity (drawing, painting, using my hands to create crafts). I was always looking forward to those kinds of activities, and because I enjoyed them so much, over time I developed my skills in these areas.

Looking back, I was passionate about art and design from an early age, even without knowing what “passion” was. I now realize that as a child I was already an artist, a decorator, a designer . . . and later on in life, that passion became my professional life – I am now a professional artist, a graphic designer, art director, and interior decorator.

You are able to express your art through interior design, graphic arts, and painting. How has your art evolved into these various mediums?
I earned a degree in advertising and design in Buenos Aires and worked as an art director in an advertising agency. Over the years, I began to delve into different forms of artistic expression. After working for several years as an art director, and also teaching graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires, I moved to New York. During those years in New York, I continued to pursue my passion for art and design; I attended design classes and also worked as a graphic designer for several publications.

In 2000 I moved to Miami Beach and continued to work in the graphic arts. Here in Miami, I branched out into interior decoration – which proved to be another satisfying means of artistic expression for me. I was fascinated by the Art Deco buildings, the exquisite interior design of hotel lobbies, restaurants and lounges, and the contemporary architecture and interiors of Miami’s beautiful buildings and residences.

As I became involved in interior décor, I began to work on many projects in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. As part of my décor services, I often suggested and purchased art pieces for my clients. I love being able to flow between art, graphic design, and interior decor. Each project has its unique challenges and complexities since all of them involve different skills and different forms of expression. I enjoy all of them. However, I must say that at this point in my life, I feel best able to express myself through abstract painting. The canvas allows me to flow most freely and purely, without limitations. As you can see, my work in different artistic media evolved over time.

How do you approach interior design projects to decide upon the colors, furniture placement, and decor themes? What is your advice for someone who would like to redesign a space in their home; do you have any tips for the most important room to focus on, and where to begin aesthetically?
The most important thing about how I approach a design project is that I listen to my clients – what they need, what they want, their lifestyle, their goals . . .  their dreams. Every person has their own tastes and preferences, so it’s important to first get to know who they are and then embark on the design journey. Once I have a clear sense of who they are and what they want, we can go about co-creating the design to match their personality and their goals and work with them to help make their “dream space” a reality.

How has the culture of Miami influenced you as an artist? What are your favorite restaurants in Miami?
Living in Miami energizes me. The cultural energy and beauty of Miami are definitely present in my creative process . . .  and in my life.

I love nature, and the wide variety of people simply walking around. The colors, flavors, and textures of Miami are vibrant and alive – there’s a never-ending flow of activity; so many cultural venues for the performing arts, live music, symphonies, art galleries, and museums. In the last few years, Miami is becoming one of the most important art centers in the world. It is not a surprise that Miami is a playground with its entertainment and nightlife (clubs, bars, lounges, restaurants). The cuisine here is world-class. My favorites are the ones that most authentically capture the flavors and textures of a region or culture; these are the most “artful” ones for me, and the ones I enjoy the most.

The people here are diverse and beautiful, and there’s a never-ending flow of activity. I love to walk on the beach, visit design showrooms and art galleries, mingle with artists, designers, and great friends . . . and then go to my studio and create! The energy and beauty of Miami are very inspiring to me and shows up in the colors, textures, and compositions in my work. I love the mix of cultures of South Florida, especially the Latin flavor. Being Latino myself, this makes me feel very much at home.

Miami has been known as the “Magic City,” but because of its recent transformation and growth – with modern new buildings, contemporary architecture and sophisticated designs – the city is now also known as “The Manhattan of the South.” I am very fortunate to live in Downtown-Brickell area, which is the fastest growing sector in our city. This area is stylish, with breathtaking waterfront views, culture, fine dining, and entertainment. This aesthetic fits well with my personal style and is also reflected in my design work, which is transitional, eclectic – the union of traditional and contemporary designs – although, I lean more toward the contemporary end. While many people think that modern interiors are cold and minimalist, contemporary interiors can be quite comfortable and welcoming. I feel very comfortable in a sleek and fresh environment that evokes simplicity, clean-lines, and subtle sophistication, with soft colors and striking accents. This is definitely a reflection of Miami’s modern, cosmopolitan life.

Describe an ideal day for you.
A perfect day for me is very simple – working in my studio, then connecting with nature; going out for a walk and being barefoot on the grass, or going to the beach and being close to the ocean. An ideal day for me also might involve visiting art galleries, and being surrounded by art and creativity. Of course, I also enjoy sharing special moments with my loved ones, and it is an ideal moment whenever I can do that. It is all precious and priceless!

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