She draws her motivation from modern-day women and with a very successful business empire, Peggy Fucci is a true inspiration. Upscale Living went in search of Peggy’s secrets to achieving the possible in a male dominated world.

When, where and how did your journey as a real estate strategist and broker begin?
I was working in banking in the area prior to beginning my real estate career. I was managing the accounts of very prestigious people, and I would see the real estate commissions that were paid out for one transaction were more than my annual salary. I knew that I could sell, and decided to take a chance and leap of faith and leave banking to venture into real estate. My very first listing was for a multi-million dollar home in Key Biscayne, which I was able to sell for full price after just one open house – I was hooked.

Shortly thereafter, I joined WCI Communities in pre-construction sales and worked my way up to managing and overseeing the sales and marketing of various properties with one of the largest publicly traded developers in the state. I was able to really dive deep into the inner workings of pre-construction sales and got a true understanding of the development process. I developed a wide range of skills that enabled me to venture on my own. Armed with the experience of selling and marketing, a strong network and the support of those around me, I was confident I would succeed.

In 2008, I founded OneWorld Properties, a full-service real estate brokerage firm, with the goal of creating a new kind of brokerage with honesty, drive and enthusiasm that would deliver fresh and innovative ideas during troubled times in the real estate market.

We started with the sales of Plaza at Oceanside and soon thereafter I was appointed as the Senior Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing for ST Residential to oversee and relaunch the largest nationwide portfolio of over 40 properties. Together we sold more than $4 billion and 10,000 units in just over three years. This was a great experience and effort with a goal of helping to restore confidence in the real estate market.

Peggy Fucci

Today, OneWorld Properties has become one of Florida’s most respected brokerages known for its international reach. We currently oversee the sales and marketing of prestigious projects such as PARAMOUNT Miami WorldCenter, PARAMOUNT Fort Lauderdale Beach, 100 Las Olas and the recently closed Brickell Ten.

In less than a decade, I have been able to grow OneWorld Properties to over 50 employees and have established close relationships with brokers and buyers in markets around the world including Asia, Europe, South America and throughout the US.

All these experiences have been very impactful on my life and have allowed me the unique opportunity to have a wide array of expertise under my belt.

Peggy Fucci

How has starting your own company and the lead-up to it shaped your business acumen?
OneWorld Properties has established a team of trusted employees, which continues to grow. We’ve established a network of affiliates around the world and closed over $300 million in sales this year alone, along with successfully closing out two luxury buildings. We’ve taken extra measures to separate ourselves in the real estate community by being experts in topics such as EB-5 funding so that we can successfully guide buyers through the entire process. This has really created a unique niche to tap into buyers who are looking to invest in South Florida or move here permanently.

What / who do you draw inspiration from?
I draw my inspiration from the modern-day woman. Women are natural multitaskers and that gives us an advantage in business. Being able to use our natural talents and abilities in our professional lives is something that I believe we all need to hone in on. Women have come a long a way and have broken the glass ceiling, and I feel it’s important to encourage others to be the best they can be. Being able to mentor and guide other women really inspires me to live my best life, both professionally and personally.

What are / have been your biggest challenges in your career?
My biggest career challenge is balancing work and family time. I travel a lot for work and don’t have a set schedule because I do businesses around the world in various time zones. My family is my biggest support system so luckily they keep me grounded. No matter what, I always do my best to make it to my kid’s performances.

Important lessons along the way?
Due to life circumstances, I had to come to the United States as a teenager by myself. I had to be my biggest support system, so I worked hard to learn the language and finish high school. Having to overcome that barrier put me in a position to not be afraid of failure. I had to take risks, I had to fail and I had to pick myself up. I’ve used that same attitude in my professional life and I have found success. One of the things I try to instil in my team is that you have nothing to lose by simply trying.

The favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is that I never know where the day is going to take me. I can be talking to people in Argentina in the morning, having a business lunch with developers in the afternoon and then make business calls to China before going to bed. Each day is something new and interesting.

Peggy Fucci

What is the best thing about being a business owner?
The best thing about being a business owner is being able to instil personal morals and values into the company. My team is like a family, and being able to lead and mentor them is very rewarding. I was mentored a lot when I was starting my career, and I learned a great deal.  I hope that the tools and valuable insights I have given to my team allow them to be the best they can be.

My job has also enabled me to travel quite a bit and see new and astonishing parts of the world. These opportunities allow me to provide valuable insights to my developer clients. I am able to witness and experience unique amenities or elements of projects around the world and bring this knowledge back to developers to consider incorporating into their projects.

How do you balance such a demanding career and a family life?
Work/life balance is extremely important to me, and I truly believe it is critical to being successful.  I distress by doing yoga and going to Orange Theory Fitness. By far my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. We love to plan occasions to bring everybody together.

Describe yourself in three words.
Focused. Ambitious. Motivated.

What do you do for fun?
I love to spend quality time with my family and my children. My children are my world so anytime we are together we are always having fun.  I love to BBQ on the weekends and bring everyone together for a good time. It’s moments like these that I cherish most. Giving back is also very important to me, so I’m very involved in a number of charities like Miami Bridge and Friends of Birch State Park. Miami Bridge holds a special place in my heart because they give a second chance to young kids who may not have any other support system. I can relate and am so happy to help these kids realize their potential.

If you hadn’t become a real estate strategist and broker, what would you have become?
I would work as a photographer traveling around the world for National Geographic.

What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?
We have a number of South Florida projects in the pipeline including 100 Las Olas, Paramount Fort Lauderdale and Paramount Miami Worldcenter. In the coming year, I also want to expand my international reach and be able to build meaningful partnerships that share the same vision as OneWorld Properties. 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the company, so we are focused on celebrating our success thus far and finding fresh ways to continue to elevate the brand.

| Photos provided by Peggy Fucci