Lord Newborough of The Rhug Estate in Corwen, UK is well renowned for his award-winning, free-range Dee Valley Bronze turkeys. Who better to chat to, to find out how to cook the perfect turkey for your Christmas lunch this year…

Do you have any top tips for cooking a turkey and a goose?

Watch you don’t overcook organic turkeys and geese, they do cook much quicker. I would definitely go for a slow cooking method such as Mary Berry’s Christma’s Traditional Roast Turkey. Use the Turkey popper provided when you order a turkey from Rhug and remember Organic Turkeys cook quicker than your traditional ones because they are naturally higher in dry matter. Slow cooking will give you the best results but baste the turkeys well and cover them with muslin clothe except for the last hour of cooking. It will be lovely and juicy and you can pop it in the oven before going to bed.

Lord Newborough Turkey

Again with the goose, I would definitely go for Gordon’s Christmas Roast Goose as a brilliant recipe you can reply on. This is not complicated but remember to baste it regularly. Yummy.

Turkey or goose, do you have a favorite of the two?

I’ve always wanted a goose but my wife won’t cook one for me!!! Last year we had a whopping great turkey slow-cooked and we fell out over the cooking time…My wife was right and I was wrong…it cooked much quicker than expected but when it was well rested it was stunningly, mouth-watering delicious.

What does your ultimate Christmas lunch consist of?

Roast turkey, cocktail sausages (pigs in blankets), crispy bacon, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, red cabbage, cranberry sauce, Brussel sprouts, two types of stunning stuffing, and delicious red wine gravy.

For pudding – homemade vanilla ice-cream and blazing Christmas Pudding and then for those who don’t want a really alcoholic Sherry Trifle, afterward some really special chocolates and coffee.

All interspersed with champagne, white wine, red wine, and if you’re still standing a nice brandy with the coffee or even an Irish coffee!!!! Oh, and don’t forget the party poppers, and crackers all round with a toast and three cheers for those who cooked it.

Sling the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and it’s time to open the presents or get your feet up by the fire.