The renowned Mauro C. Romita, MD is hailed as one of New Yorks best plastic surgeons, with over twenty years’ experience in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of the face, breast and body, micro and cranio-facial surgery. Dr. Romita is known for the technical skill, training, and integrity that he brings to his patients and in his surgical practice. We caught up with him, to discuss his world…

How did you start? 

I started Ajune as an adjunct to my plastic surgery practice. My goal was to provide my patients with a more comprehensive approach to surgical procedures.The pre and post operative treatments at the spa ensured and sustained better surgical results. I established this unique, holistic program to deliver a seamless blend of science and aesthetics. Ajune is, by far, the most comprehensive anti-aging and beauty resource center in New York City.

Dr Romita Plastic Surgeon

Tell us about your anti aging treatments…

Our entire Ajune Menu allows women to prolong the effects of aging – through IPL.

IPL, or intense pulse light, is a technology similar to laser. Instead of a single wavelength of light as with a laser, IPL uses a bright light in front of which filters are placed which filter out most wavelengths except those taken up by pigment and blood vessels, depending on the filter used. The light energy penetrates just below the skin’s surface, damaging either the melanin (skin pigment) or blood vessels. The body’s natural skin repair mechanisms then remove the damaged tissue and produce a smoother skin appearance. It will usually take 3-6 treatments to see a significant result and treatments can be spaced out every 3-4 weeks.

Doctor Romita and Blogger Katya Bychkova
Doctor Romita and Blogger Katya Bychkova

IPL is good for pigment (age spots) and small blood vessels (such as telangiectasias). It has been marketed for hair removal, though newer technologies seem to give better results. It does not work for wrinkles.

The advantage to IPL systems is that downtime is usually very minimal. Also, Glycolic Peels are currently a popular treatment for winkles and acne. Part of the alpha hydroxyl family of natural ingredients, glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and is a fruit acid. When applied to the skin, it helps to remove the “glue” that holds the older, rougher and dryer skin on the surface. When it removes that top layer of skin, the fresh, new layer is visible. It’s this layer that’s without damage and which looks fresher.

What do you love most about your job? 

Operating is my first love and I have strong artistic tendencies. Plastic surgery is the perfect  xxx of the two.  Regarding anti-aging treatments only enhance and prolong

The effects of surgical procedures. There is nothing compared to the satisfaction I feel when I have restored someone’s self confidence and made them smile.

Which is your most popular treatment? 

Our Ajune Glow Facial which combines Dermaster and LED treatment and Dermaplaning followed by a soothing collagen mask.

Have you seen a rise in a particular treatment? Are there any trending currently? 

Currently, people want very targeted, quicker treatments that address specific skin concerns. They want results with little downtime.

The IPL has gained popularity as a treatment for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and scar treatments.