Our editor Natalie King caught up with Rachel Zoe to discuss cultivating a signature style, entertaining, and newest venture, Box of Style, which is a curated collection of effortless fashion and beauty delivered seasonally. Rachel Zoe, both the woman and the brand are infinitely inspiring. She holds true to her aesthetic and is always developing creative ways to express her style and business acumen. She has a softness about her, with the signature beach waves and glowing skin, and has bravely followed her passion in an unwavering way which has proven to be a successful plan both in business and in life. 

You are known for such a recognizable aesthetic whether you are wearing a gorgeous bohemian dress or a crisp pants suit, your look is always tailored and accessorized beautifully. Why is it important to have a signature style? 
I think it’s important to take the time to cultivate how you want to look and feel everyday by experimenting over time. Having a signature style is your way of saying who are without having to speak. Once you have found your personal style it becomes effortless in a sense and makes the getting dressed process much more efficient and less stressful! 

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What is a good starting point when trying to establish a signature look? 
I think a great starting point to establishing your own signature style is to look to someone whose style you admire. Whether it be a celebrity, friend or coworker. Look at pictures online and immerse yourself in your icon’s style. After you’ve done the research, you can look back to your current wardrobe and find pieces that you already have. This will help you know exactly what you need to shop for in order to complete your look. Ultimately you will know what’s working based on feedback from friends and family who are the most honest with you. Choose the looks or style that makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself. 

You have such a presence, and always seem so pulled together with a calming elegance. What is your favorite self-care ritual? 
My self-care is so rare! Honestly being home with my boys after a long day of work brings me the most happiness. Or a staycation at the Hotel Bel Air for a quick getaway. Any full day and night and staying in my bathrobe with my family is a perfect day for me. Sleep and spa are not a huge part of my life unfortunately, but I dream to do more in the future. My quick at home fixes are hydrating masks and tons of eye and face oils and serums at night and in the morning.

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Boston and New York in winter – what are a few key pieces to help us survive the cold, dark days with style? Velvet, turbans, capes? 
Cashmere wraps, chunky scarfs and faux fur coats are some of my favorite pieces to layer on in order to survive the cold, dark days while staying true to signature style. I also turn to a uniform of thigh high boots with stylish oversized sweaters and long chic coats I’ve collected over the years, both vintage and designer. 

Rachel Zoe

I’m always inspired by the connection between fashion and interiors. How have you made your home resonate with you and your family? 
I approach my home decor very much like my personal style. I like to create a feeling of effortless glamour and always have it be comfortable but chic down to the last detail. I like to invest in the core items like sofas and tables and keep them somewhat neutral in fabric and color. I always add interest by using dramatic throw blankets and pillows and incredible lighting to create the style of the room. My favorite design elements are usually animal prints, sheepskin rugs and colorful fashion and art books. We want our home to feel welcoming to guests and always be a special place to entertain our friends and family. 

What is a favorite space in your home and a piece of art or decor that gives you infinite inspiration? 
I have several favorite spaces for different parts of my life…I love to disappear into my home office when I need to really focus and have alone time to work and get inspired without interruption. My boys’ rooms are so special and dreamlike which makes story time at bedtime so peaceful and calming. I love the more formal white living room accented with incredible artwork and Missoni pillows for accents and the marble fireplace we use a lot in the winter. My family room has a very 70s mid-century vibe, entirely wood paneled and low couches and floor pillows for total comfort, once again accented with Hermes and Missoni blankets and pillows for color. We spend so much time together in this room during parties and watching movies with friends and family throughout the year. 

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I love the hosting tips in your book Living in Style, especially the concept of ‘a table is a runway’ and how you use home fragrance to create ambiance throughout the home. 
Along with flowers and music, fragrance really sets the mood for a party or night in. Try using different scents in the main gathering area and in the bathrooms. Depending on the type of party and time of day, some of my favorites scents are Sandalwood, Amber, Fig, Tuberose and Lavender. A tip: just be mindful not to choose overwhelming scents as people respond differently to fragrance, so I always choose more mild natural candles. My favorites are form Eric Buterbaugh. 

Do you have a go-to recipe for a last-minute couples gathering? 
I take so much pride in my ability to make a beautiful charcuterie board as the possibilities are endless! I think a colorful centerpiece of cheese, fruit, nuts and meats and crudité is so chic and always a crowd pleaser! Always a great last-minute addition to any couples gathering. Depending on the time of year, you can really dress it up with accessories and candles around it on the table. 

Rachel Zoe

Why were you inspired to create Box of Style? 
I created Box of Style to be able to curate and style so many women everywhere with special items they didn’t know they wanted or needed but are so excited to receive! Utilizing my many years as a stylist and curator, I wanted to share that knowledge with everyone! 

Rachel Zoe Box of style

What can we expect from winter Box of Style? 
My favorite thing about the Box of Style is that each piece is intended to be layered into your existing wardrobe and worn for any and every occasion, day or night. This Winter Box of Style includes so many of my favorite things I would want to be gifted this season or give to anyone in my life!