Known for her celebrity following and fresh approach to fitness, Tracy Anderson is the modern woman’s go-to for a results-driven exercise plan. Tracy’s Method is comprised of DVD series containing meal plans and fitness routines that engage accessory muscles, which creates the ‘teeny tiny’ silhouette that is her signature. Long, lean muscles are sculpted, instead of ‘bulking up’ as achieved with traditional forms of fitness. Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, and Shakira are among her clientele, along with the thousands of women who are working out with the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD series, and 30-Day Method book. While Tracy delivers fast results, which is immediately gratifying, what I love most about the Method is the lifestyle element. She suggests “getting out your diary and making a time and date each day for your exercise” and I love the idea of making a date with yourself to work out. Both Metamorphosis and 30-Day Method are alike in that they are centered on bringing out physical strength along with and a strong sense of self.

Tracy Anderson celebrity fitness guru

You are an inspiration to so many women who are looking to tone and feel more energetic. Each element of your method from the body type calculator to the meal plan bring such an easy-to-follow attainability to getting the body that you want. I have recently completed Abcentric Metamorphosis and am loving how strong and empowered I feel each day.  What was your inspiration to create the Tracy Anderson Method?

My inspiration to create the Method was to empower every woman with the research, tools, and support that it takes to be her most proportioned self.  To be your best you!  I really believe that we each have so much to give but because feeling good in your own skin is such an important part of how we are able to feel empowered many of us don’t feel the courage to express all that we can.  To create a method for every woman to embrace their own individuality and be as good and connected to themselves as possible makes me really proud.

Tracy Anderson celebrity fitness guru

How do you stay inspired to create new products and routines?

Easy, by all of the women that count on me, trust me, and are dedicated to including me in their lifestyles.  They drive me and my close team.  The staff that I have with me are all very close to me and they are magical people with unbelievable ethics and I couldn’t take care of all of these women without them!

What is your advice for women needing the inspiration to begin and commit to a workout schedule?

Realize it is a big life change, don’t kid yourself about what it takes to get results and achieve a new level of health, when you make the decision really hold yourself accountable, choose a program that has proven results don’t trust anyone with your body and hard work, know that once you get past the initial kinks of becoming an exerciser for life it will be the one thing you never cancel on or let go.  It will change your life!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson celebrity fitness guru

What has been your greatest career achievement?

Well besides Gwyneth Paltrow’s butt I would say making our product Metamorphosis happen.  To put the enormous amount of hard work into perspective I did 11,690 different butt lifts in 3 days of filming for the first 90 days for 4 different body types.  Now we are done filming two years of it for everyone at home to have the real deal! We just don’t cut corners!

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