In Pursuit of Rare and Old Whisky with Cask 88

Cask 88 brings together the world’s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky, giving discerning whisky collectors the chance to get hands-on in their whisky ownership, from cask to glass. Since 2008, a deep curiosity and infectious passion for unique whisky has matured into a vast membership and client base looking both to source rare and old casks from across all over Scotland, and then turn the contents of those casks into unforgettable bottles.

The company discovered that owning a cask was a desire greatly shared and they wanted to help curate cask ownership for those who did not know the industry so well. “Our pursuit traveling around Scotland, learning the industry and building relationships transformed into something more when we had the dream to own a cask for ourselves,” said Patrick Costello.

Cask 88 Whisky

Serving clients around the globe, the small family-owned business quickly expanded and became a globally recognized brand for high-end whisky. Fueled by a love of luxurious whiskies, their services have been expanded to include cask procurement, cask storage, bespoke bottle design, and sourcing antique releases. Their international team of experts guides clients through purchasing or designing a whisky perfectly suited to their individual needs.

Cask 88 Whisky

From relatively young casks that will grow in quality and value as they mature, to extremely old and rare expressions that are in huge demand, Cask 88 curates a personal journey from the budding enthusiast through to the seasoned collector. Clients can select casks of various types, styles and flavor profiles from their favorite distilleries from different stages in their history. A single cask whiskey is always unique and carries an indelible stamp of the experiences it has had over its lifetime.

Cask 88 Bespoke Bottling

For those that want whiskey their way, Cask 88 manages the entire process from cask selection, through the design of bottle and packaging, bottling and export. The immersive experience allows complete control of every stage; allowing individuals to indulge their creativity, or simply their palates. Proud of the ‘From Cask to Glass’ motto, Cask 88 also likes to showcase their own taste in malts, hosting exclusive VIP experiences at the invitation-only Cask 88 Single Cask Whisky Room.

Cask Sampling at Dalmore

The company will also be launching their online cask auctions in Spring 2019, allowing buyers from around the world to bid on rare casks. These monthly auctions will offer a range from young casks from up and coming distilleries to long-matured casks from the venerable distilleries that have been part of the Scottish landscape for generations. With a maximum of 20 lots per auction, these finely curated selections of Scottish whiskey casks will be hand-selected to meet the increasingly high-demand of unique whiskeys from their client base. Youthful casks can sell for a few thousand pounds, while the oldest and rarest expressions may sell for hundreds of thousands.

Cask 88 Whisky

The interest in casks has grown hugely recently and the company has decided to add online auctions to their repertoire. “We decided to launch the Cask 88 Online Cask Auctions in order to be fair and transparent with our valued clients, and to introduce the joy of cask ownership to a wider audience,” said Patrick Costello. This change of business model will educate new buyers based on their personal preferences and requirements and invite them into the Cask 88 family.

Cask 88 Whisky

Those interested in purchasing in the auction will need to create an account – which will have all contact info completed and a verified payment on file – before they bid. Following a successful bid, the customer journey will be similar to how it has been before. The cask may be returned to its slow maturation in a bonded warehouse, or it may be instantly chosen for bottling, with Cask 88 assisting in the bottling, design, and transport as the whisky finally leaves Scotland in search of new adventures.

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