The U.S is the land of opportunities. People come to the U.S. to fulfill their dreams, and several people have been nothing but successful in availing of the “opportunity” and making the best of what they were given.

To have a beautiful house is one of the major priorities of the people who are striving for better. The Kissimmee FL real estate value has been on a boom, and people are looking forward to shifting to this tourist-oriented and industry-focused area. Some of the best more lavish and expensive places to live in the entire country are:

New York City

This category has New York City on the top as the most affluent city in the U.S. This also ranks the most expensive cities of the planet with a population of over 8.3 million. New York has an enormously 120% higher living cost than the state average. The average household cost in New York is approximately 501,000 dollars compared to the national average cost of around 181,000 dollars; the prices of home range from five districts to over 1 million dollars for home prices in Manhattan. In New York City, all costs higher, from food to transport.

Washington D.C.

The cost of living in the capital needs to be paid off, and the real estate figures of Washington show that it is precisely correct. Washington, D.C.’s cost of living is because it is the center of one of the most powerful nations in the world. In the city, there are various government agencies, think tanks, lobby groups companies as well as a strong tourism industry that provide government and corporate-sector employment. The district’s average home prices were about $443,000, and the household’s average income is about $64,267. Compared to Massachusetts, staying in Washington, D.C., costs approximately $83,000.

 Los Angeles

Los Angeles brings affluent and beautiful actors to view, but in the city’s thriving markets, the movie industry plays a small role. The maritime sector in the region is one of the world’s most busy ports because Los Angeles Harbor is one of the largest. The high cost of living in the city is caused by a thriving industry and a prominent start-up culture. The average value for a home in Los Angeles is $470,000. Other ZIP codes like the heavily ballyhooed 90210 drive house cost. The household medium turnover is around $49,745. The total population in Los Angeles requires nearly $74,371, and about 20 percent of the city’s population is living in poverty.


Miami is the only city in South America ranked amongst the top 10. The wealthy foreigners who live in Miami have a high population, the various financial institutions in the world, and the world’s busiest cruise ship harbor. The median household income of the city was approximately 48,100 dollars, and the unemployment rate is only one hair above the average in the city. In this stylish town of newly built residential and commercial buildings, it takes around $77,000 to live well. The real estate value of Miami is much more than Kissimmee FL real estate making it the place for the gentry of the U.S.

San Jose

If anyone would like to avoid high prices in the Bay Area could travel south to San Jose, which is within easy reach of Oakland or San Francisco. In San Jose, everything is pricey, with the involvement of Silicon Valley, like homes valued about $575,000 on average. The family median income is about $81,000. As of May 2019, the various workers of engineering sectors in the region had a far lower than average unemployment rate of 2.4%. The city is also perfect for people who are looking forward to a career in computers and I.T.


Food products and health care in Boston cost a great deal more than 20 percent of the average national price. The city boasts a robust university education climate, a thriving engineering scene that rivals Silicon Valley and historic sites from 13 original colonies, rendering it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The average home price is around $374 000, the average household income of about $53163, and it takes roughly $84,000 to live comfortably. The average household income in cities is approximately $450,000.


For almost everything, Honolulu citizens pay big money. Grocery on its own costs 55% more than in the majority of the U.S.; utility services cost 71% more than the national median. The average household income in the world at 58,397 dollars does not surpass by much the average salary of other expensive regions. In Honolulu, however, people are likely to pay 87 percent more for one dozen eggs than the average American country. As of May 2019, Honolulu has a meager unemployment rate of 2.8%, meaning that people who are employed on this Pacific Island paradise can afford omelets if nothing else.

San Francisco

Citizens decide to leave San Francisco every day because many lenders have been able to split the incredibly high cost of living in the city and out of control housing prices. Homes in town cost an average of $820,000, including tourism, I.T., and financial services, in the primary industries. It takes over $119,000 to well live in San Francisco, but by May 2019, unemployment remained extremely low, at just 1.9% due to the highly favorable circumstances offered to entrepreneurs and 1/3 of U.S. corporate risk capital.


Located on the other side of the Bay Bridge, Oakland might become a cheaper alternative to San Francisco, but the city continues to be more affordable than most cities in the USA. The rental of an apartment in Oakland is $1,673 per month, and the average home value is about $449,800, twice the price of renting in other U.S. cities.


From the list, we can derive that California is the most expensive state in the United States hosting to several top-notch places to live and flourish in. However, people who have worked hard are now enjoying the many benefits of living in these cities.