Reloaded Design Eliana Trentalancia

“Artworks blending dreams, poem, mystery  and magic”

Furniture as characters, as distinctive unique pieces, each with a story to tell. The common denominator? A touch of eccentricity.

Furniture for men and women who are not afraid to be bold. Reloaded Design™ has become, in just two years, a real “must have” for upscale glam people and already includes among its followers movie and rock stars who decided to have one of the extraordinary  piece of interior art for their home.

Reloaded Design™

Each bespoke piece by Reloaded Design™ is the outcome of patient work to revive traditional craftsmanship. With exquisite workmanship, Eliana Trentalancia reinterprets antique pieces, giving them an unconventional and esoteric new life.

Eliana Trentalancia from Reloaded Design™

Reloaded Design™ thinks outside the box, buy valium. Each piece comes from a different era and shows a variety of Italian workmanship techniques. Mirrors, iron, glass beads, perforated metal, semi-precious stones, bijoux, esoteric symbols, coral, mother of pearl, jade, skulls, zodiac signs are all used to give each piece an individual mood: weaving a dream, a poem, mystery  and magic.

Reloaded Design™

Every item is inspired by different cultures and epochs, from Gothic to French Baroque. Opposing materials are put together – poor and precious for fun, to challenge the conventions of traditional design. Each piece has a different identity, a gift for those who love the contrast between simplicity and opulence.

Reloaded Design™ is inspired by fashion, theater, art, jewelry and mythology. Tribal and esoteric references give the work an even more magical and exclusive aura. Romanticism, minimalism, baroque and opulence converge, creating a dreamlike interplay of allusions between past and future.

Reloaded Design™

“Reloaded” …  the word speaks for itself. The aim of this work is to bring emotion to each recovered piece of furniture, giving new energy to a creation that is poised between art and craftsmanship.

The Mini-Table Limited Edition

Versatile. Practical. Eccentric. Unique.

This is the philosophy of the Reloaded Design™ Mini-Table, created to meet the diverse needs of contemporary living.  Used alone, or paired with other models, of differing heights, measurements and shapes, to create designer compositions that match your individual style and creativity.

Reloaded Design™

Limited Edition, according to Reloaded Design™’s philosophy. Elegant or ironic colors, patterns and decorations.

A furnishing element that makes each space unique and original, to use as an occasional table, coffee table or bedside table. Easy to disassemble, thanks to a twist-off base, it rapidly transforms into an elegant and handy multi-purpose tray. A bespoke, original item that can be customized with a zodiacal sign or theme on request. A unique gift for yourself or for others.

Reloaded Design™