Romantic Weekend in Santa Monica: Venice Beach

Santa Monica is the very special part of Los Angeles, with which you fall in love from the first sight, walking along the ocean with your beloved partner, hand in hand. When you come here on weekend, you will surely think, “I’d love to keep living here!” You might be even jealousy of locals who can spend their weekends at Venice beach all the time.

You will get the best impressions and the most vivid emotions of that part of Los Angeles here, in a place where the movement does not stop for a minute. Talking about things to do in Santa Monica, it is impossible not to mention bicycles, skateboards, surfing, outdoor workout in the famous Venice Muscle, basketball, parkour, slack-lining, yoga, and dozens of other activities. If you prefer active way of life, you need just to rent any necessary sports equipment.

How to spend your weekend? Guide from

Santa Monica is simply created for fans of riding a bicycle, there are several bicycle tracks, the most popular of which is Marvin Braude Bike Trail that is stretched along the Pacific Ocean.

If, for some reason, the bicycle is not your option, come here just to stroll along Venice Beach Boardwalk, it is a very picturesque pedestrian street. An incredible number of creative people who have left the “standard” way of life, meets here. They make unique things (souvenirs, paintings, drawings, photographs), and sell all these works right here. However, they are inspired not only by the sun and the ocean, here, you can legally get a prescription that allows smoking marijuana, and this, of course, also explains a big number of relaxed people in the area.

Talking about romantic things to do in Santa Monica, pay attention at Venice Beach itself. This beach is very different, you can come here dozens of times, and you will find something new each time. The running past surfers with boards, helicopters flying overhead, huge lazy seagulls on the shore, the music of local guys, the sound of waves and the smell of the ocean as well as other pleasant little things will make you enjoy your romantic weekend here.

Santa Monica attractions.

There are other interesting beaches in Santa Monica. For example, Santa Monica Pier is noisy, windy, with crowds of tourists and the feeling of a fairy tale. You will find here a vintage amusement park with wooden creaking ceilings and decorations, based on the legendary Route 66. Buy ice cream, ride the famous Ferris wheel (which, by the way, works only with solar panels) and feel like happy children.

The best entertainment of the evening is the sunsets on the coast of the great Los Angeles. If the weather is good, then you will see a spectacle of incredible beauty and an amazing end of the day. One of the greatest “sunset” places is Palisades Park that is next to Ocean Avenue and is right above the cliff, with a succession of endless beaches ahead. Here you can make a picnic, or sit in silence on old park benches, or just stop in the parking lot directly opposite the ocean and, even without leaving the car, enjoy romantic moments.

Where to eat in Santa Monica.

As for places, you will be able to find easily a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Be sure to stand in five-minute line to Intelligentsia Coffee Venice Coffee-bar or The Bottle for your cappuccino to go. Go to The Butchers Daughter Venice, there you will get the very tasty pancakes, a huge choice of juices and a wonderful breakfast menu.

To feel like locals, who decide to arrange a romantic evening, come to Montana Avenue, it is the street with the most romantic restaurants in Santa Monica (however, take into account that you need a reservation for dinner on Friday and weekends!)

David Greenough
David Greenough
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