Sama Shines Bright

Leading luxury jewellery and watch retailer in the GCC region (Gulf Cooperation Council), Damas Jewellery recently launched its high jewellery brand Sama.

“Sama comes as a natural evolution of the great vision we set forth three years ago. It presents not just a product-line but an entire experience and showcases what lies at the heart of the brand – what Dubai and the UAE has taught us. It is a premium and luxurious offering that will capture the essence of the brand globally,” said Anan Fakhreddin, CEO of Damas.

Sama Jewelry

Heavenly Halo – The enchanting blue hues of the oval sapphires, nestled in a halo of pear and marquise-shaped diamonds, exude elegance.

With Hollywood actress Penélope Cruz as the brand ambassador, Damas has moved from being a noted jewellery retailer to being makers of high jewellery. “We are thrilled to be working with Penélope, an ambassador whose values and characteristics perfectly fit the heart of the brand. She is one of many celebrities we’ve tied up with but this is, by far, our most glamorous campaign,” Fakhreddin added.

Sama Jewelry

Infinite Blossom – The necklace set in a combination of deep red rubies spring from a collection of diamonds that resemble blossoms.

Sama’s pieces are designed by award-winning designers, who have also honed their skills designing for numerous international brands. The brand’s name, Sama, is derived from ‘Sumou,’ which in Arabic means ‘elevation’ or ‘splendor.’ Crafted in diamonds and precious gems weighing no less than 40 carats, the core collection features radiant rubies, stunning deep blue sapphires, mesmerizing colorless diamonds, gorgeous intense fancy yellow diamonds, rich red rubies and enchanting emeralds.

Sama Jewelry

Regal Jewel – Evocative of the beauty and design of tiaras from the crowning ceremonies of Queens, oval sapphires of deep blue color are accented with an array of pear, marquise, and round-cut diamonds.

The one-of-a-kind range – crafted in 18k white, rose and yellow gold as well as platinum – also includes rings with voluminous central stones (minimum 10 carats). Sama’s four-piece bridal set features necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring adorned with white diamonds. The brand maintains transparency and perfection by ensuring the jewelry is certified by prestigious jewellery labs. Damas Jewelry

Sama Jewelry

Eternal Sunshine – Drawing upon the rays of the morning sun, the intense fancy yellow diamonds radiate warmth and beauty.