Sellier Knightsbridge – where pre-loved super brands go to be reborn

A few years ago, many may have associated the resell fashion industry with rummaging through busy second-hand stores. Indeed, the shopping experience in consignment stores of the past could often be laborious, with true designer gems often mixed with stock that was unloved, unwanted, and had no business in a luxury wardrobe. However, as the world shifts its focus from brand-new fast fashion to chic and sustainable preloved items, this association with second-hand stores could not be further from the truth. In metropolises like London, Paris, and New York, consignment boutiques are booming, managing to stay sustainable and fashionable with meticulously organized, beautiful superbrands. In the heart of one of these fashion, capitals are where we find one of the most exciting players in the luxury consignment industry – Sellier Knightsbridge.

gorgeous luxury bag from Sellier Knightsbridge, consignment store in London
Source: Sellier Knightsbridge

With its roots from the 1970s, Sellier Knightsbridge has served its fair share of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and socialites. Based in Cheval Place, which is at the heart of London’s consignment store industry, Sellier is considered a Knightsbridge institution. Through its recent acquisition by mother-daughter duo Hanushka Toni and Dina Ibrahimova, the store has also completely reinvented itself by taking its consignments virtual. The Instagram-page alone renders around 500 sales a week, and business is only going from strength to strength. As we start to see shoppers turning away from the high street and tuning into social media and websites for their fashion fixes, Hanushka and Dina are hitting two significant trends at the same time with Sellier Knightsbridge; sustainability and online presence. Their Instagram (@SellierKnightsbridge) and their huge following of #SellierGirls offers mid-afternoon scrolling that’s easy on the eyes and wallet.

The store receives hundreds of consignment requests daily, which means its stock is always high-fashion, sustainable, and reasonably priced. Sellier Knightsbridge prides itself on taking only the most sought-after superbrands (think Hermès, Dior, and Chanel) from recent collections and which are in excellent condition. The result? Incredible, genuine pieces at a reduced price, all while being safe in the knowledge that your purchase is sustainable! As the fashion industry faces greater scrutiny due to its tremendous environmental impact, the resale of preloved items is getting increasing recognition as an alternative, sustainable route for fashionistas. Even better, Sellier’s approach of reselling only superbrands means that the quality of each item can be assured for several years (if not generations).

Sellier Knightsbridge, consignment store in London
Source: Sellier Knightsbridge

Equally, if you are the lucky owner of a well-stocked superbrand closet and looking to part with some of your pieces, Sellier Knightsbridge will authenticate, individual style, model, advertise and market your items using its social media platforms and website. Unlike some of the bigger online consignment stores, the expert stylists at Sellier Knightsbridge will consider each item as an individual treasure meaning its visitors will see the item included as part of an outfit and modeled in real-time through aesthetic pictures and videos. As such, it is not rare that items sell within minutes of being uploaded!

The businesses’ Instagram is a testament to modern retail. Sellier’s follower count is robust and ever-growing, as its fans chase luxury brands for close to 90% below retail. New looks and items are posted daily, alongside website drops of luxury stock. Behind the scenes, it’s go-go-go as its team of eight keeps new stock flowing through direct from the wardrobes of high-net-worths, stylists, and brick-and-mortar retail stores looking to find a home for superbrand pieces that they are prohibited from putting in the end-of-season sales.

gorgeous luxury bag from Sellier Knightsbridge, consignment store in London
Source: Sellier Knightsbridge

Unlike larger platforms such as eBay and Vestiaire Collective, the Sellier approach is different. The stock is tightly edited to ensure that buyers are not faced with scrolling through pages of undesirable products to find that one gem. Instead, the focus is on taking in fewer items of a higher caliber and at prices that will be attractive to buyers. Owner, Hanushka says, “Before I started this business, like anyone else, I used resale platforms to sell my luxury preloved items. A lot of the time, I found those sales taking forever, even if the items were good – purely because they were crowded out by so many other products. That’s not an experience I wish for our sellers. Every day is about sourcing new amazing stock for our buyers, because we are only as good as the items we have on offer. Consequently, we only take 20% of the best quality and best-priced stock offered to us.” That means, on average, there is about a 3-day turn around between a product being consigned and the seller receiving their money.

As the world shifts to more sustainable choices, the fashion resale is getting more and more screen-time, and rightly so. If you are one of the many looking to zhuzh up your closet while not costing the earth, Sellier Knightsbridge can offer you the luxury fashion escapism while serving your conscience.

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