Senzati™, The New Standard in British Built Luxury Transportation

Welcome to Senzati™. Quite simply, we design and build the world’s finest luxury VIP people carriers. British designed and British built, Senzati™ creates bespoke vehicles for the most discerning customer

Senzati™ has an obsessive pursuit of perfection. This has generated the unique Senzati Jet™ Sprinter and the smaller but no less desirable Senzati Jet Class™, conceived and built from the ground upwards. Every aspect of the design has been optimised to create a best-in-class environment

Senzati Jet™ Sprinter


Widely described as a ‘private jet for the road’ the Senzati Jet™ Sprinter is unique for a number of reasons:

  • It’s relocated side entry door, providing privacy to passengers and unobstructed access – a world first
  • Spacious full height passenger cabin with two metre panoramic glass roof
  • Double glazed windows with Magic Glass and integral individual electric window blinds
  • Full height optional rear bathroom
  • Custom built seats and furniture
  • Whole Vehicle Type Approved

Whether you are travelling for business and making use of the connected mobile office, taking friends out for dinner, making use of the 600 mile uninterrupted fuel range or simply relaxing with movies en-route, the Senzati Jet™ Sprinter is, undeniably, the optimum way to be chauffeured by road.


A discerning owner should not expect the access to their luxury vehicle to be obstructed by seating arrangements, a recurrent problem faced by all other van derived converters. Senzati™ has uniquely addressed this challenge by relocating the side-entry door backwards. In doing so, this has given privacy to rear facing passengers and allows unobstructed access to the vehicle. The window configuration has naturally been altered on both sides to perfectly complement each seating position. The remanufactured passenger compartment is complemented by a 2 metre glass sunroof. All passenger window apertures are fitted with switchable LCD double glazed glass and integral individual electric window blinds.


Senzati™ remanufacturing work is executed to the highest possible standards. Senzati™ is part of the Mercedes Benz Approved Bodybuilder programme thus ensuring that all works are carried out within strict guidelines. All Senzati™ vehicle designs are subjected to rigorous FEA testing (Finite Element Analysis) to prove their superior strength in both side impact and roll over protection.

With a choice of Standard, Long and Extended Long chassis, we offer our clients a variety of floor plans ranging from 4 to 8 seats. We design and manufacture for a global client base. Vehicles are available in both right-hand and left-hand drive.

Senzati Jet Class™

Senzati Jet Class Badge

VIP, bespoke upgrades based on the brand new Mercedes-Benz V Class with Senzati™ Panoramic Double Glazed Roof – a first for the new V Class

Following the successful launch of our Jet Sprinter, Senzati™ has wasted no time in snapping up the first of the new and greatly improved Mercedes-Benz V Class models, giving them the Senzati™ makeover and launching the new Jet Class range.

Although smaller than the Jet Sprinter, there has been no compromise on the space and comfort afforded inside the Jet Class and the trademark, fastidious attention to detail, quality, build and finish remains. The stunning panoramic double glazed roof further adds to the feeling of light and space.

Dave Clark, Senzati™ founder and CEO explains his decision to add Jet Class to the fleet: “The new Mercedes-Benz V Class is stunning and I knew this was the perfect platform on which to build our next VIP range. The interest in our Jet Sprinter model has been unprecedented and the success of sales and charter has been down to the quality of the build, finish and customer service. V Class was the natural progression for us, offering the same luxury and refinement as found in our Jet Sprinter, but all packaged in a far smaller vehicle. People want quality and that’s what we deliver. “

There are currently three models available: Business, Business Plus and Jet Spec. The option of an Entertainment Pack can be added to any of the models upon request. The Jet Spec has almost unlimited options as Senzati™ will build almost any specification to customer preference and price accordingly. Clients to date include VIP’s, dignitaries and royalty.

Luxurious and classy, the epitome of British craftsmanship and design.

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Adina Laura Achim
Adina Laura Achim is a published author, luxury brand consultant, journalist, and PR executive. She covers the luxury sector in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Latin America, and her work was published in South China Morning Post, Jing Daily, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Grazia, Fashion TV, Society Magazine, Buro 24/7, Zink Magazine, The Jewish Business News, and The Rake. Her writing portfolio includes topics related to luxury travel and hospitality, beauty, fashion retail, and bespoke luxury experiences.

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Senzati™, The New Standard in British Built Luxury Transportation