Simone Cavalletti – Five Secrets for Summer Fitness

Are you the type to set your alarm in the morning when you plan on working out but never quite make it? Or are you the one who packs a gym bag, but are so exhausted by the end of the day that you drive right by the gym on your way home?

Do these routines sound familiar? For many of us, we go through this for a few days then we just give up altogether. If we’re lucky, we were motivated enough to start a routine but couldn’t keep going with it. How do you make sure you stick with it?

There is no magical solution to making sure you get your exercise in every day. Everyone’s schedule and lifestyle are different. But Simone offers five keys to assuring your success.

1. Consistency is the key – As mentioned above, start out light. Commit to two workouts per week. It doesn’t seem as demanding so you won’t start making excuses not to go. Two days a week adds up in a year. Plus, if you start feeling stronger and healthier, you may want to go more often anyway.

2. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to perform all your exercises at once. Break it up throughout the day if you can’t find one lump sum of time to get everything in. Go for two 10 minute walks a day – one before or after work and one at lunch. That’s 20 minutes of exercise every day that you didn’t really have to think about.

3. Set your alarm earlier than you usually would to get up and go workout. There’s no need to rush. Set your workout clothes next to your bed. When your alarm goes off and you wake up, get motivated by looking at your running shoes. Commit to three power walks a week.

4. Visualize what you want your body to look like. Don’t take more than a minute or two, but imagine how your hard work of committing to a fitness routine will turn out. Positive thinking can be an excellent motivator.

5. Hire a personal trainer. If you’re committing to a fitness routine when someone else (and money) is involved, you may think twice about making excuses not to go. Not only will you learn from the experience, but it will give you that push you needed. After you feel comfortable without a trainer, you’ve already established that routine of exercising so many times a week. And by then, you’ll be feeling too good to stop going.

Keeping a balanced lifestyle is the main factor of a healthy life. Eating right and exercising are the two main components. Committing to and following through with a regular exercise regimen will make it all the more easy to eat better and feel better.

Check with your doctor before starting your healthy new Life Drink plenty of water and do not forget

La Vita es Bella!

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