Sleeping a Luxury Experience in Olivia Von Halle sleepwear

Easy, comfortable, trendy, and extremely versatile, Olivia Von Halle is a luxury sleepwear brand that makes sleeping a luxurious experience as well. A former luxury brand consultant demonstrates a regal way of getting your beauty sleep.

Sleepwear or loungewear had always been a neglected sector of fashion. While sleeping is considered to be a personal and intimate time very few brands ever shed light on the experience of self-love and some luxury during those hours. As we stay indoors due to the lockdown, pajamas have become a uniform for few. Between yoga sessions, at-home workouts, cleaning the house, homely chores, working from home, and seldom getting dressed waist up for zoom meetings and video calls has become the new normal. Staying in pajamas all day was a long lost dream for many but making pajamas the new chic, Olivia Von Halle is a brand that renovates and reimagines luxury sleepwear and loungewear to elevate your night-time routine.

Olivia Von Halle luxury sleepwear

Where it all began

Olivia Von Halle was previously a trend forecaster and luxury brand consultant for The Future Laboratory that had clients like Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini, and the Gucci group. In 2008, she moved to Shanghai and continued working as a freelance trend forecaster for luxury brands. She had a tailor best friend in Shanghai who would sow her designed sleepwear which soon became famous amongst her friends and Von Halle recognized the gap in the market – a need for a luxury sleepwear brand. Von Halle then moved to London and in September 2011, she launched her eponymous brand at London Fashion Week. Today, the brand has an elaborate store in London’s prestigious Sloane Square opened in 2016 and is stocked in over 50 stores in 13 countries which included Neiman Marcus in the United States, Harrods in the United Kingdom, and Tsum in Moscow.

Inspired by the grace and femininity of Gabriella Chanel, the designer uses the most ingenious, trendy, and versatile designs on silk re-creating some of the classic silhouettes in ways that are beautiful and extremely comfortable. Her first classic yet conscientious design ‘Lila” itself was a huge success further solidifying her vision. From nightwear, the collection further expanded to robes, kimonos, nightshirts, and accessories like eye masks that invigorated a sense of fashion during the most intimate hours of the day. Innovative designs, vibrant color palette, different and extraordinary prints, and patterns, attention to detail became the USP as they added an element of fun and luxury to the monotonous sleepwear. Soon the brand created a well-defined niche for themselves as they became a go-to for celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and more.

Olivia Von Halle luxury sleepwear


The ready-to-wear collection

The ‘Missy’ tracksuit turned out to be another raging success for the brand in 2016 after the design was worn by Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and more. The success of the tracksuit was the first look of the rise of the loungewear-as-ready-to-wear. September 2017 saw the launch of Olivia Von Halle’s first ready-to-wear capsule collection offering another collection of unique interpretations to make their way in the wardrobes of the fashion industry’s most eminent personalities. “People have always worn our pajamas and dressing gowns out, so the progression into ready-to-wear came about very organically,” said Von Halle in an interview. With subsequent seasons, the brand added multiple elements to the collection in various designs which included casual dresses, elaborate dresses, skirts, and more. The collection was a smooth and ingenious transition from day-time to night-time. The midi-length bias cut ‘Isla’ skirt and ‘Margeaux’ dress which has a balloon sleeves loosely fitting the body were some of the best-received designs of the collection.

The brand further launched an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with Disney for the much-awaited ‘Maleficent’ movie starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in the lead. The collection included a piece inspired by Jolie’s character a reimagined Coco pajama in silk velvet and was embellished with black Swarovski buttons. There was also a huge wing motif embroidered on the suit. Another piece was a dramatic floor-length slip dress with a faux feather cape.

Olivia Von Halle luxury sleepwear

The Bespoke range

Everyone wants some memoirs of the best time they’ve spent, it could be their bridal showers, honeymoons, baby showers, or even sleepover parties. The bespoke range at Olivia Von Halle addresses to the nitty-gritty of creating chic and skilfully crafted sleepwear with customization according to your preference and style. Olivia Von Halle has partnered with one of London’s most prestigious embroiders Hand & Lock to create beautiful traditional hand embroideries that add a little something extra to your loungewear or ready-to-wear pieces. The customizations are available for pockets, cuffs, front collar, back of the neck collar in various styles, sizes, and fonts. You can even customize your eye masks with words of your choosing. The monogramming is done at the Olivia Von Halle store in London and is completely machine washable. The best part about monogramming? The monograms are also available in glitter and sequins with a wide range of colors to choose from.

Olivia Von Halle is a testament of true luxury with meticulous attention to detail coupled with traditional craftsmanship.