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Small But Strict Royal Fashion Rules

royal fashion

Royal life is a desire for everyone and people dream to live such life and whenever we see royal members we always stay kind of jealous but you would be amazed to know that they cannot live their lives as freely as we live so you need to be thankful for what you got. You might have gone through trendy fashion of men and women and if you haven’t then you need to check out Fashionterest, we totally can vouch on the latest trend but on the other hand royal members cannot actually accept everything that is trending rather they have their own Royal Fashion styles or you can say rules that they have to maintain by hook or crook. Sometimes they might appear perfect but there are times when they struggle a lot to look perfect after maintaining all those rules. You might be wondering about the most common Royal Fashion rules then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

royal fashion

source: purewow.com

The holding of the bag on the left hand:

Now there is a reason behind holding a bag on the left hand, we might not have to obey those reasons but royal members are bound to follow those rules. Many times you might spot a royal lady or you might see pictures of a royal lady holding the bag on her left hand and you may wonder why. Well they do that so that they can shake hands with the public without any inconvenience and people actually come up to shake hands with and they don’t want to often people as such and this their big heart that they always make sure their right hand is free for a handshake.

Wearing dresses and skirts over pants and tops:

Now there is no such reason behind this fashion choice or you can say that as it is been followed for a very long time so this choice has turned into a rule now. You might know about Meghan Markle who loved wearing pants and trousers and they looked smart on her as but ever since she became a member of the royal family she slowly changed her fashion game and started following the fashion path directed by Queen Elizabeth. The best thing is that Meghan was never forced by anyone to ditch what she likes to wear but it was her mindset to accept the royal rules and she rocks both the looks for sure.

Source: stuff.co.nz

Getting the wedding dressed approved by the Queen:

Being a part of the royal family is not easy as there is rule to be a part as well and that is the time of marriage as you cannot wear what so ever you want in your wedding rather you cannot wear a wedding dress if the Queen would not approve that dress so the first it to get the Queen’s approval. Now it is kind of respect to the Queen that no one refuses to give her and on the other hand, Queen being very polite always selects the best for the bride. Queen-like sober dresses which would be perfect to reflect royalty so the one who is going to be a royal bride has to select a sober dress so that Queen confirms the dress easily without any problem.

royal fashion

Source: brit.co

Royal members need to check their nail paint color:

It is a strict rule for the ladies of the royal family that they cannot get vibrant nail paint on their nails but there is no such reason for this rule rather everyone follows it since it is been followed for a really long time and everyone have to obey this rule. We assume this rule is for maintaining a sober look of the royal member. If you have ever noticed any queen or royal member then you would be able to see that they always appear in either nude nail shades or they simply opt for the gel nail enamel. Apparently, it is not known whether they wear colored nail paint while they are at home but while they are in public they choose not to show any color on their nails.

royal fashion

Source: hearstapps.com

Strict rules on a tiara that royal ladies have to obey:

You would be amazed to know that despite being a queen or a princess would not get anyone the authority to wear tiara whenever or however they want rather there are some tiara rules that are quite strict for the royal ladies and they obey without any question asked. A kid or a princess cannot actually wear a tiara and tiara is meant for married women of the royal family and one cannot actually get her tiara designed and made as it is more like a blessing which they get from the previous generation. A tiara is simply a dignity that a queen gets from elder queen as a blessing and this simply embraces any Queen’s look. Wearing tiara whenever one wants is not acceptable as it can only be worn on days of huge occasion or on wedding purposes. On wedding day new queens always borrow a tiara from the old one and that is the grace of the rule.

Royal Fashion

Source: stuff.co.nz

A handbag is a must for royal ladies while they are outside in between the public:

You would hardly find a queen without her handbag and handbag of a queen is much different from that of a clutch and queens prefer to carry both. There are reasons of carrying a handbag as queen use a handbag to send a certain message or indication so that the situation doesn’t turn out to be awkward and the one opposite to her understand what the queen wants to say. Queen often get up and place their handbag on the table to indicate that the queen wants to leave the place so the party has to end by that time or soon. Sometimes it seems to be embarrassing for the queen to shake hands with everyone so at that time queens hold their bag with both the hands to avoid handshakes. Queens also tend to move their handbag from one hand to another whenever they want to avoid any awkward conversation and queen do this then the opposite one has to stop the conversation.

Similarly, a clutch is also very important for a queen or for any royal ladies. Some time queen wears dresses with kind of wide neck and while they out of the car they have to bend a little so at that time they keep the clutch on their cleavage so that the cleavage doesn’t get captured in the camera. You would be amazed to know that queens or royal ladies get their cleavage hiding clutch specially designed for different occasions.

The trend of wearing bright colored attires:

On the one hand, they don’t prefer wearing bright colored nail paints but on the other hand, they don’t mind wearing bright colored dresses. Well, there is a very kind reason behind this fashion rules set by Queen Elizabeth and you would surely love her more after knowing the reason. Elizabeth specially thinks that everyone wants to get a glimpse of a queen and they rarely would want to miss that chance so public gathers to form crowd to see a queen and if a queen would dress up normal with light colors then people would easily miss to see her but if she would wear a bright colored dress then she would get highlighted and spotting her would be easy.

These were some of the common Royal Fashion rules that you would see every royal member following and to know about more such fashion related things you can simply browse through Fashionterest.

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