If you’ve only got three nights in Toronto to enjoy, it makes sense to plan and maximize the amount of fun you can have so that you can enjoy as much of it as physically possible – isn’t that what we’re meant to do when we’re on holiday? Here are two suggestions of how you could spend your evenings in Toronto in no particular order.

Party Night

Some people enjoy landing in a new city and immediately hit the town to get into the groove of their holiday destination straight away. Whether you decide to do that comes down to disposition, but if you are so inclined, there are many vibey places across the city for you to enjoy. Toronto has it all, from club nights to fine dining, dive-bars, regular bars, sports events galore, and a live music scene that rivals most. And now that cannabis is legalized in Canada, there are even more options to enjoy a fun night out on the town. Just be safe out there! When you’re on holiday, driving is something that should be done in the most pressing circumstances and driving on party night is strictly forbidden unless you have a designated driver. That’s going to be an awkward conversation – deciding who in your friend group is going to take one for the team, but it doesn’t have to come down to a coin toss if you use a private chauffeur service, like Yorkville Limousine. Chauffeur services are usually the safest option, and in a city, you’ve never visited before, why even take the risk of getting lost?

Food Night

Alo Restaurant, Byblos and Edulis, are just some of the names of the best restaurants in Toronto where you can truly enjoy locally sourced ingredients and warm service. The food culture in Toronto is diverse, a mixture of local and international cuisine that ranges from innovative to pure-originals done well. There are many places worth making a reservation at, as well as other walk-in friendly locales that won’t break the bank. The only way to immerse yourself in the food scene of Toronto is to try as many different cuisines in many different settings as possible, and savor each moment so that the memory stays with you forever. Dedicate one day to food where you give yourself the pleasure of trying out new flavors and dishes that you usually would not eat. You’re on holiday for goodness sake, take a load off. Dart all over town from morning to midnight sampling the freshest dishes from some of the most talent-filled kitchens in the world.