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State-of-the-Art Black Star Car Wash in Moscow

Timur Ildarovich Yunusov, known by his stage name Timati, is an artist, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, marketer and entrepreneur, whose latest venture is Black Star Car Wash. CEO of his own label called “BLACK STAR Inc”, Timati wanted to create a unique carwash space, resembling an art object that also had a wow factor to it.

In an underground part of the building in the city center on Myakininsky Avenue, the 1,200m2 space was designed to expand the space visually and change its geometry. Although its low ceilings and an absence of natural light, the functionality of space still provides the proper work setting for the entire facility

Architecture and design firm GRETAPROJECT with lead architects Margarita Denisova and Maxim Kashin made use of flat geometry and how the color influences the perception of the space to transform the underground space to a functional and beautiful car wash. With the combination of the dark graphite color, bright calligraphy composition, and light installation, the interior was inspired by Wynwood – which is known for its many colorful murals – in Miami.

State-of-the-Art Black Star Car Wash, Moscow

The special calligraphy pattern that consists of the regularly repeated client’s label name BLACK STAR along with a geometric pattern expands the enclosed space visually. The label’s symbol is the black sun which was used to create the lighting structure in the form of a ring in the washing boxes.

State-of-the-Art Black Star Car Wash, Moscow

Lighting in the entrance and throughout the space gives a dramatic look and provide ultimate functionality. Enter through X-formed lighting installed to form a contrast of the symbols, while the linear lamps are located at a 45-degree angle on both sides of the entrance and exit. These lights from the entrance to the linear lamps lead visitors through its visual movement into the main part of the car wash facility.

State-of-the-Art Black Star Car Wash, Moscow

With several stations separated by floor to ceiling plastic curtains, the car wash provides full car wash and detailing services for luxury automobiles. While waiting for your car to be serviced, the cozy café allows guests to enjoy numerous amenities including sipping from a selection of coffees and teas, try the hookah and fruit and order food from ERWIN restaurant delivered within 10 minutes.



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