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Structured Style pieces from Luxury designer Karina IK


Structured Style pieces from Luxury designer Karina IK

Karina Oikonomidou-Ikonomova the designer and creative director, has now realized her lifelong ideas, plunging into conceptualizing and planning the first collection for Karina IK. The Opus Magnum Collection consists of 10 styles in 13 colors, designed with top quality leathers and exotic skins handpicked from the best tanneries in Italy. Inspired by Divine Proportion and the Golden Mean, the collection is very simple but expressive. The clean lines and contrasts of textures provide sensuality and sophistication to the designs; the opaque metal accessories together with the bold and very straight rectangle heels covey confidence and power. Color tones trail the concept of geometry and the concealed. Misty and blurry dark tones of Brown, Blue, Green and Grey with slightly warmer earthy tones of Mustard and Beige and finally Black Out.
Karina IKPrecision is at the core and the foundation of Karina IK, sustaining the great heritage of artisans and their craftsmanship in shoemaking.  There is meticulous attention to detail resulting in beautiful, perfect and simple products. This unique effort turns Karina IK shoes to an effortless statement. Each leather hide and reptile skin are handpicked, the components and details are all certified and individually sourced from the finest suppliers in Italy going through exacting quality control procedures. Challenging stereotypes, Karina IK’s raison d’être is to offer top of the range luxury lifestyle pieces that can be worn at multiple occasions providing functionality and endurance. Every pair is handmade by expert artisans, who bring a vision and sense of timeless tradition to their craft, and the importance of this is manifested through the value, longevity and exclusivity the products offer. Exclusive and not commercially oriented, the brand positions itself as a niche and lifestyle concept.





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