Studio Med, A one of a kind Concierge Medical Practice.

Studio Med, a one of a kind Concierge Medical Practice.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Studio Med is a concierge medical practice providing urgent and primary care, around-the-clock IV infusions at home or in the office. It often seems impossible to find the energy to get yourself to a clinic when you have fallen ill. Studio Med’s comprehensive services include Doctor’s Visits, Ambulatory Services, House Calls and Telemedicine.

Studio Med

Board certified physicians accompanied by professional medical staff are on call anytime of the day or night for consultations or to perform a procedure. Convenience is key as well as patient importance. 

When traveling, Studio Med’s membership becomes even more effective. Studio Med’s physicians will call in appropriate prescriptions, offer video assisted telemedicine and referrals if needed. The membership allows everyone to feel safe and stress free wherever and whenever.

Studio Med

The practice was founded by two friends in their 20s with the exceptional partnership and guidance of a seasoned physician. All three have had years of experience working in the medical field collectively as students, staff members, employers and physicians. Due to their experience in multiple different positions in the field, they have combined the pros and cons and built a model that allows for them to truly accommodate the patients fully, but also create a happy environment for the staff! To match the highly luxury service the practice offers, their office location is a peaceful and stunning place  where you can stop by and relax while enjoying their aroma therapy. 

The combination of western medicine and holistic remedies focuses on the treatment of non-life threatening illnesses, focusing on the promotion of wellness and a balanced lifestyle, and don’t forget to try their unlimited supply of champagne gummy bears! So don’t hesitate! Studio Med is just a phone call away.

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