Recently opening its flagship location at the Star, in Frisco, TX, adam aleksander, is not your ordinary luxury men’s fashion brand, nor is it your ordinary showroom. Think of a James Bond and Rat Pack mixture, modernized, and with a twist.

L-R Bashar Alhuneidi and Hunter Bywaters
L-R Bashar Alhuneidi and Hunter Bywaters

Founders, Hunter Bywaters and Bashar Radwan Alhuneidi are striving to provide their patrons with a lot of “wow” moments that don’t just begin and end with the brand, but the entire experience that the world of adam aleksander has to offer.

adam aleksander is the future in an all-encompassing men’s prestige lifestyle brand. Staying true to their guiding principle of Be a Gentleman, always a Gentlemen! while providing top craftsmanship and techniques, adam aleksander works with international artisans that use only the finest fabrics, leathers, and curated materials to construct dress-wear, smart casual fashion, shoes and accessories of exceptional quality, fit, and style.

Hologram greets guests at Adam Aleksander luxury fashion boutique

Walking up to the showroom windows, people will get a visual preview of what’s in store once they go through the doors, when they are greeted by a virtual hologram of Alhuneidi that provides on-demand information about the atelier.

Adam Aleksander luxury fashion

Once inside, clients will experience a showroom which offers a beautiful lounge, 3 private consultation rooms and complimentary drinks at The Bar.

Virtual bartender at Adam Aleksander luxury fashion

The Bar is not just an ordinary bar either, Spacee, a Dallas company that specializes in making digitally interactive technology, has created two holograms for client’s enjoyment; Alhuneidi’s and the showroom’s very own bartender, named Spacee Stacy. She will guide guests through their order and pour their favorite cocktail.

Adam Aleksander luxury fashion

An amazing and knowledgeable staff will accompany clients through any and all clothing and accessory options while your private concierge will make any arrangement you may need from chartering a private jet to curating an experience to pop the question.

Adam Aleksander luxury fashion

In this experience based economy, people want to walk away with more than just an amazing product and finally there is an option that delivers just that- adam aleksander.

Deve and Ron Sanford
Deve Sanford,Upscale Living Magazine’s Dallas Editor and Ron Sanford 

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