Have you noticed that increasingly more men are wearing bracelets with watches to boost their style? Bracelets are exquisite pieces and not all bracelets can be suitably paired with any watch. Watches and bracelets on the same wrist simply stand out. If you are planning to buy a used men’s Patek Philippe watch or any other, do your research so that you can spend your money wisely.

AWNL men’s jewelry tips: wearing the right bracelet with the right watch is paramount and will give you more confidence, and they can serve all occasions, from formal settings to more casual parties.

However, you may not know how to wear your bracelets with your watches. Don’t make a mistake with a fashion faux pas and look awkward. It takes some knowledge and mindfulness to make sure your wrist is fashionable.

To wear the correct bracelet for the right watch, you need to consider a multitude of factors:

  • Let it shine

The number one rule is this: When wearing both a watch and a bracelet on the same wrist, never let your bracelet outshine your watch. The only accessory that should grab the spotlight is your timepiece. You must wear a more delicate and understated bracelet to complement your watch. Pairing an equally flashy bracelet with a watch lessens the watch’s aesthetic qualities.

  • What are those

It’s very crucial to select the match the right material of the bracelet with the material of the wristwatch. A safe rule is to pair similar materials. It is always right to play with related materials if you are not sure. Donning the same metal bracelet and watch makes both look more connected. This is an easy and effortless guideline.

AWNL Jewelry + Timepiece

For instance, if you wear a leather bracelet, it always looks elegant alongside a watch with a leather band. While a metallic bracelet will work nicely with a watch with a metal strap, you can also try out men’s beaded gemstone bracelets with luxury watches.

Choosing the right material when assembling a new look is vital. When you are blending two materials though, they should be well balanced. Remember just like your clothes, your bracelets speak volumes about your personality.

  • Color me purple

Naturally, the color of the bracelet must harmonize with the watch for an effortless and natural look. Do not add too many colors altogether, try shooting for no more than 3 different colors of your overall outfit is a fast rule. 

It’s usually best to match the bracelet’s color with either the color of the watch’s dial or the strap. It’s also generally a good idea to wear complementary colors, instead of contrasting colors, unless you really want to draw focus on your wrist game. 

wooden AWNL Jewelry + Timepiece

For example, blue beaded bracelets always pair well with a watch with a black strap, the company AWNL has bracelet collections that allow you to pick the color that you like the most.

You can also choose combo packs for an enhanced and synchronized look. 

  • Strap it good 

A rugged strap on a watch creates the best edgy look for men’s bracelets. However, the leather strap also performs well when your bracelet strap complements it. The options in watches can be limited, but there are plenty of options for men’s bracelets. 

For example, you can’t go wrong choosing either flatbead bracelets, tennis bracelets, or silver beaded bracelets with an engineer watch strap to create an appealing look.

Braided leather straps, natural fiber rope, or stone bead bracelets look polished and eye-pleasing with a double ridge strapped watch.

The leather itself has a different texture and it is very obvious to pair with a similar natural texture-based bracelet.

AWNL Jewelry + Timepiece

AWNL Vagabond Bracelet Collection

  • Bracelet, Watch meet Outfit

The whole picture is still your outfit, accessories are just ornaments for your overall style. What you wear with your clothes, (i.e., suits, casual, business casual, evening dresses, shoes) is the most important factor and the accessories should fit nicely with your dress code. You can also pick subtle color hues from your outfit, button, or belt. 

  • Watch-bracelet Style Guide According to the Occasion


For business, first dates, anniversaries, and other important occasions, always opt for an elegant wrist style to accentuate your look.

You can choose a more minimalist and streamlined look with bracelets for watches.  Try out a classic combination of silver watches and gold bracelets for men classic look.

AWNL Jewelry + Timepiece

Meteorite-Beaded Chain Bracelets

A good example is a picture above. Notice that the beaded bracelet goes nicely with the watch and the suit. Wearing this bracelet with a dialed watch can add a dose of luxury to your look when on a business occasion. 

Sports and Outdoor

When you are stepping out for some clubbing or sporting, you need to have a loud ensemble with flair. You can easily distinguish yourself from the rest with beaded bracelets and minimalist bracelets, which can speak for the adventurer in you. Complete your look with sturdy leather watches and be ready for a strike in any game. If you are wearing a digital watch, go for a beaded bracelet.

If you wear a Fitbit or Apple watch, a unique bracelet will make you look even sportier. The leather bracelets and beaded bracelets are fine specimens that suit the rough and modern edge of a Fitbit. They can maintain a shining, yet rustic and bold look. 


For more casual settings, almost anything can go, as these will be the situation where you are free to show your own personalized style. Fashion is a party we can have daily, and with your styling sense, you are definitely invited. Pep up your casual looks with streamlined bracelets and beaded bracelets. For a dash of exuberance, you can also try out bracelets with your casual outfits.

For example, this AWNL Men’s Meteorite Bracelet with Auralite23 Beads pairs equally well with a brown leather watch, and the colors also match nicely. Gemstone bracelets are always an elegant plus for luxury watches. 

AWNL Jewelry + Timepiece

AWNL Vajrayana Collection

The Bottom Line

If you are new to experimenting with wearing a bracelet with a watch, it might surprise you how subtle elements create the best impact. By focusing on the little factors such as design, color, and material, plus environmental factors like occasion or weather, you can alter the impression of your wrist accessories. The key is to remain radiant and not overdo it. You can start with our suggestions and then discover plenty of original combinations by yourself. Remember to keep to these guidelines and do some experimentation. Impress your friends and co-workers and loved ones with the best-looking wrist around.