Not many skincare brands began on an icebreaker. Or on the northwest Passage beyond Alaska. And involve an Olympic sailing champion, an eminent lichenologist, and the CEDA Algae Enhancement Center.

We have had J-Beauty, K-Beauty, and A-Beauty. So it was just a matter of time before we got AA (Arctic/Antarctica) or BA (Boreal Algae) Beauty.

Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare Brand A French luxury skincare brand is offering the dermis-friendly benefits of Arctic berries, Siberian Olive, Siberian ginseng, and tundra lichen as well as a chance to do your bit in preserving the fragile ecosystem at both ends of the planet. Polaar is deliberately spelled with two a’s because it uses flora from both poles.

Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare Brand“Polaar” is the latest installment in the 95% biodegradable responsible asset harvesting chain /unique formulation with active natural ingredients with exceptional regenerating and ant-aging properties exhilaration of the senses, good for another fragile environment line and cosmetic hashtag.

Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare Brand It is the work of Inuits and their folklore, Polish polar flora expert Maria Olech, French sailing champion Karine Roche and Daniel Kurbiel, a graduate of Aix-Marseille Graduate Management School, and the son of Arctic explorers Joelle and Janusz Kurbiel who over fifty years ago sailed the west coast of Greenland in a wooden boat. Janusz, who died in 2016, was the first man to cross the Northwest Passage from west to east. he also claimed to have located the exact whereabouts of the Magnetic North Pole.

Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare Brand Daniel Kurbiel’s twenty-five product range – including hero brands like Genuine Lapland Cream, Eternal Snow, and Polar Nights, was inspired by his own expeditions to the Arctic cotton fields. he also discovered the Nunatak flower.

Daniel Kurbiel, founder of Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare Brand
Daniel Kurbie, Founder of Polaar

“The secret of beauty may lie there, in the depths of the Arctic, forged by a laboratory more ancient than anything else. Polaar intends to be inspired by what Nature has forged, without damaging it.”

Polaar, A French Luxury Skincare BrandDesign is also a tribute to the polariscopes. Cut at the base, the letters of the logo evoke icebergs. “We want to become much more than a creative brand of natural skincare and reveal the beauty of the Arctic lands. The brand’s ethical philosophy is based on continuity.”

Polaar is a discovery. Its high-performing, very low in environment impact unisex serums, creams, sunscreen, deodorant, and shaving gel keep the Tundra within palm’s reach.