Women are stepping up their beauty game and these days having their own personal glam squad, has not only become the new norm but a must. Gone are the days of spending countless hours trying to match a foundation, or find the perfect color eyeshadow. So what’s a girl to do?  In walks, celebrity, makeup artist and beauty influencer, Daniela Bell. Within the last 5 years, she has built a beauty empire with an a-list clientele of celebrities and influential women around the globe. Offering a broad range of services including her own luxurious, mink lash collection, Daniela prides herself with making each one of her clients feel and look like a superstar! 

What led to your career in the beauty industry?
10 years ago, I started my career in makeup, as a celebrity makeup artist, I realized that every one of my clients deserved to look and feel glamorous and luxurious. l love being able to create and display my artistry in others, as much as I like empowering women through beauty. I started my makeup studio business 5 years ago along with my beauty brand, Daniela Bell Beauty, and at the beginning of this year incorporated my luxury, mink lash collection.

How did you start Daniela Bell Lashes?
As a makeup artist, I found the need to create a product that would be correlated with glamour and luxury to suit my clients needs, something that is long-lasting and natural looking. Lashes have always been the perfect accessory to complete any makeup look, so I thought starting my luxury mink lash line would be the perfect idea, especially since a lot of women are loosing their lashes after lash extensions. My lashes are reusable up to 35 times, they are the easiest to apply and they come with a memory band that will attach to your eyes like no other, and better yet they are 100% mink and CRUELTY FREE!

What services do you provide?
At Daniela Bell Makeup Studio, we provide all types of beauty services, from makeup application, makeup lessons and training, to micro-blading and hairstyling!

What’s a typical day for you?
Being a business owner takes a lot of time and dedication, so I wake up very early in the AM, sleep about 4 to 5 hrs a day, start with appointments and meetings all day. When my day “ends,” I come home to my son and husband and become mommy and a wife, the roles I cherish the most! I also enjoy traveling to do wedding glams and celeb clients for satellite interviews, TV show appearances, etc.. so I’m always on the go!

Bravo’s Real Housewife of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman and Daniela Bell
Bravo’s Real Housewife of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman and Daniela Bell

Where do you get your inspiration?
As a beauty influencer I like to empower woman through beauty, so I find inspiration from them. I love helping them to create a better version of themselves, improve their appearance and self-confidence, inspire them to feel like they can rule the world and look like a million, transforming their look and enhancing their natural beauty. My inspiration for sure are my clients!

What made you want to create your lashes? How do you come up with names for your lashes?
My glamorous clientele was definitely the source of my inspiration in creating a luxurious lash line. Every time someone comes and gets their makeup done, they get to take a piece of what Daniela Bell stands for, “feeling empowered through beauty.” Lashes are the one item that will transform their face even without makeup on. Once the lashes go on my clients always feel like a brand new woman and like a super star!

I named my Lashes after some of the most important women in my life including celeb clients and friends that have helped me in some way to elevate and empower myself, thereby becoming a huge platform in my career.

Do you think you will expand your product line?
Absolutely, my idea is to always continue to grow, so that is a definite YES, I’m working on it!

I actually just got back from the 70th EMMYS, and my lash line has grown so much since. After all the press that I received from having my lash line featured in so many tv shows like Entertainment tonight, Rachel Ray, Kathie Lee and Hoda, just to name a few, since my LUXURY MINK LASH KITS were placed inside the EMMY swag bags that all the A-listers got to take home!

Daniela Bell

Without giving away too many secrets…what’s your best makeup tip?
Apply your makeup always with clean brushes, woman age 7 days when bacteria from a dirty brush is replaced on their skin, its like sleeping with your makeup on. The best way to clean brushes is by using 91% alcohol to sanitize them completely.

Who are you mentors?
My parents and husband, my sweet friends Kimber Westphall, Melissa Plascoff, Alanna Sarabia, these 6  people deserve the world for always encouraging me and supporting me the way they do.

Dream collaboration or job?
Kim Kardashian and JLo of course! The queens of glam. I would love to do their makeup and also have a lash named after them.

Your best virtue?
Authenticity. I prefer to be me and help others as much as I can.

Best Beauty hack?
Removing oil from your face without damaging your makeup with Starbucks napkins!

What is the most difficult thing about your job?
I actually find my job to be a daily challenge. When I first started my business, it was hard  to grow it, but each day gets easier because now I have a more concise direction.

If you had to choose one beauty technique or product what would it be?
Lashes!! They will lift your eyes and create instant dimension!

Where will your business be in five years?
Hopefully my lashes and products will be for sale inside a mayor retailer, like Sephora or Ulta and my makeup studio will grow to include multiple franchises.

| Photos courtesy of Daniela Bell