SICIS Jewels relies upon its famed nano-micro mosaic artistry to craft stunner artistry to craft a stunner. The Damisa Gold necklace has been inspired by the native Damisa leopard of Tanzania. Known for its agility, elegance, and nimbleness, the feline beauty has spurred Sicis to craft this wearable piece of art. Designed in-house, the Damisa Gold features a mosaic and gemstone adorned leopard gracefully stretching across with its tail entwined over the necklace. The sinuous body, crafted in 18k white gold, is embellished with nano and micro-mosaic tesserae to highlight the spots, while the head, paws, and tail, which transforms into a collier, are adorned with yellow and orange sapphires and diamonds. In its paw, the leopard holds a rare Imperial Topaz sourced from Brazil. The necklace took the team at Sicis Jewels nearly a month and a half to craft.