Ten Must-Have Clothing Pieces for the Athleisure Trend 

The athleisure trend is booming right now and creating a shift in luxury fashion. Loose sweatshirts, sneakers, and leggings were once the bane of the runway. Now, many of the top luxury brands are vying for a piece of this profitable pie.

To take advantage of the athleisure trend without compromising your style, you’ll need some of the hottest gear on the market. Here are ten must-have clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe for the burgeoning athleisure trend.

Adidas Parley Shoes

The athleisure trend aligns with many other up and coming fashion trends for the new decade. One of the most notable fashion trends is eco-conscious consumerism. With the millennial generation at the helm of purchasing decisions around the globe, and the state of the environment is a hot-topic issue, taking a sustainable approach matters now more than ever.

Adidas answered this call with their Parley shoes. The Parley collection is built around the mission to save the world’s oceans. Believe it or not, sporting recycled plastic footwear and playing an active role in sustainability is a powerful luxury fashion trend.

The Parley collection offers a variety of stylish and functional athletic footwear. Sport the Terrex Free Hiker or Terrex Two Ultra during your next adventure on the trails and sweat it out in style.

Wone Stretch Micro Modal Tank

Wone is a longstanding luxury brand that has one of the most comfortable athletic clothing lines available. The Wone Stretch Micro Modal Tank is a must-have article of athleisure clothing for its softness and breathability. This simple, artless tank is the perfect base for another growing athleisure fashion trend: custom embroidery

This simple tank is ideal for hitting the gym then catching up with your friends for coffee. If you prefer a different style with the same benefits, WONE also has stretch t-shirts, long-sleeved jersey tops, and layered tanks for a bit of contrast.

Nike Yoga Luxe Bodysuit

Rompers and jumpsuits aren’t just making waves in street fashion; they’re taking over the athleisure trend as well. The Nike Yoga Luxe Bodysuit not only looks incredible, but it’s built to withstand every downward facing dog without the risk of shirts rolling up or pants cutting in.

This lightweight stretchy fabric is form-fitting and figure-hugging with structured paneling that’s flattering for all body types. The material wicks moisture away, making it perfect for hot yoga sessions. Throw on a wrap and sneakers when you leave the gym for a street look that’s edgy and active. 

Teeki Yoga Leggings

Teeki is an athleisure brand that is also following the sustainable materials trend. You’ll love wearing these while sporting a Hydro Flask, as every pair of leggings is made out of recycled water bottles. Teeki takes a colorful approach to their yoga legging designs, for a look that’s more casual and youthful. 

If you love their leggings, you’ll want to try some of their other clothing as well. Their Border Towns sun shorts are reminiscent of a Mexican serape, making them perfect for running along the beach. From zany prints to mini skirts, Teeki covers a wide range of attire.

Puma Fenty Trainers

Rihanna’s Fenty brand is taking the world by storm. With an incredible makeup line and body-positive attire, Rihanna has successfully built a multi-million dollar brand that continues to grow and expand.

Fenty’s partnership with Puma is the epitome of luxury athleisure. The aptly named Puma X Rihanna Fenty Trainer is comfortable, stylish, and functional. The HI version invokes a sense of rebellion that Converse was once known for.

Heroine Sport Jacquard Leggings and Sports Bra

If you’re looking for a matching set, the Heroine Sport Jacquard leggings and sports bra are a must-have. With luxe, textured material, the leggings fit every curve like a glove. The woven sports bra boasts comfort, support, and coverage that looks great when exercising in the heat or under a low-cut tank.

The combination of sage green with black elements, in addition to the textured applique, makes this set a one-of-a-kind luxury athleisure outfit you’ll love.

GRRRL Clothing Leggings

GRRRL Clothing is expected to become even more famous over the next ten years. This company, started by bodybuilder Kortney Olson, is ahead of the curve for one of the other burgeoning athleisure trends: body positivity and inclusivity. The GRRRL brand uses models and measurements rather than traditional sizing and has something for everyone.

GRRRL makes incredible high-quality leggings that are not only squat-proof for training but can be accessorized to wear to work or out on the town. The Shiny Coture leggings are perfect for those who want to follow the jewel tone trend in 2020 fashion, and the limited edition Thigh-High Mandalas are a must-have during their limited release periods. 

Ultracor Nebula Collection

Ultracor is an up-and-coming luxury athleisure brand with cutting-edge designs and enviable sets. The Nebula collection is one of their latest line-ups and features a black backdrop with ribbons of eye-catching colors. While the leggings and sports bra are to die for, it’s the Nebula Sparrow Hoodie that stands out as something unique.

Other notable Ultracor collections include the Crescendo, which features stunning shades of blue and grey, and the Alluvium collection with genuine Swarovski crystals. 

FILA Delany Romper

Another hot athleisure trend this year is the resurgence of older brands. FILA was a must-have athletics brand in the 90s. Now it’s been revitalized for the modern era with a vintage feel and current styles

The Delany Romper should be at the top of your list for summer athleisure wear. The soft fabric offers the comfort of your long-forgotten FILA sweater with a low-key sexy vibe you’ll love.

Versace Greca Border Collection

Versace is a predominant brand in luxury fashion. It should come as no surprise that this industry leader is expanding into athleisure. The Greca Border collection is everything you’d expect from Versace when it comes to athletic attire.

The sleek shades of black with elegant gold accents create outfits you’ll want to wear both at the gym and to launch parties at the most exclusive clubs. Wear this collection to invoke your inner Greek Goddess.

Whether you’re heading to the gym for a sweat session or heading out on the town, having the latest in luxury athleisure gear will make your day exquisite.

Ana Maria Dakota
Ana Maria Dakota
A freelancer who loves to write about all things beautiful. Ana currently resides in North Dakota with her husband

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