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Ten Cigars Every Aficionado Should Have


Ten Cigars Every Aficionado Should Have


To the authentic cigar aficionado, a cigar – even a casual one – is never simply a cigar. It’s a very special time. A ceremony, if you will. Party for one, thank you very much. Ready to expand your horizons?

Here’s a list of ten cigars every aficionado should have.


Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Torpedo Maduro. These cigars are handcrafted with a distinct, long-aged blend of Honduran Ligero tobaccos rolled in savory Maduro wrappers. The smoke is complex, zesty, and exceptionally smooth with an invigorating aroma. If you love full-bodied cigars, don’t miss this one. It ranks high on the list. Hearty, satisfying and leathery. Try it with a brown ale for a new ritual.

Plasencia Reserva Organica Corona. The babies are artfully made by hand in Nicaragua from organic tobaccos. They’re made using the same methods that Native Americans used more than 500 years ago. These unique, smooth-smoking cigars are mild to medium in body, offering a one of a kind tobacco flavor that must be experienced to fully appreciate. This cigar is expertly constructed and produces a rich, dark ash.

Famous Pvt. Sel. 70th Anniversary by Perdomo Robusto. A rich blend of perfectly aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. These cigars are rolled in beautiful Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Corojo wrappers, and feature a smooth smoke with natural, earthy flavors. This gem is one of those best kept secrets. Everything from the blend, the complex taste and the construction make this an ideal full-bodied cigar for the true aficionado.

The Maxx Traditional by Alec Bradley Corona. This cigar is offered in a more classic, 5½ x 43 shape. The smoke is decadent creamy, highlighted by deep, woody overtones and just the right traces of sweetness. Pay attention to the subtle coffee bean note on the finish. If you’ve not tried one, do yourself a favor and check it out. Believe it or not, the Maxx Traditional frequently ranks higher than Cubans among those in the know. Considering its phenomenal price, this is a win-win situation.

Olor Fuerte Belicoso. Created to please the palates of those seeking a full-bodied smoke, this cigar is tops. This bold Olor blend contains stout Dominican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian fillers with a Mexican San Andreas binder surrounded by a bright flavored, natural Talanga Cubano wrapper. This rare cigar delivers creamy, sweet smoke that’s bold without going over the top. Medium, full-flavored smoke and smooth all the way to the very end, this one deserves a special place of honor in your humidor.

Aspira Corojo Torpedo Natural. This well-balanced cigar is loaded with woody, rich flavors derived from a bold blend of Nicaraguan & Honduran pressed into heavenly Corojo wrappers. The smoke is velvety with a flavorful finish and an enchanting aroma. This cigar is surprisingly affordable too. It’s absolutely ideal for the times when you want a mild smoke that doesn’t skimp on flavor or complexity. It burns nicely with a tight ash until the very last puff.

CAO CX2 (Cameroon times two). This medium-bodied cigar overflows with smooth flavor and an irresistibly alluring scent. These cigars have an expertly blended combination of bold Nicaraguan and Colombian tobaccos surrounded by two unique, Grade-1 African Cameroon binder and wrapper leaves. The cigar is noted for its earthy flavor and subtle hints of sweetness. The scent of this cigar is so alluring that you almost don’t want to light it . . . almost. Take note of the sweet mocha and caramel tones present in the taste and aroma.

La Floridita Limited Edition Toro Maduro. A rich and satisfying smoke with robust flavors that are uniquely complex. Its lovely, four-nation blend is rolled in a flavorful Brazilian Mata Fina leaf for an indulgent smoke at a very practical price. This is a cigar worth stocking up on.

Fonseca Serie ‘F’ Robusto. This oh so tempting cigar features a fine blend of the very best long-aged, Cuban-seed Dominican ligero and a dark, Connecticut wrapper. It burns just right with a white ash. The smoke is ultra smooth with a decidedly decadent aroma and flavor. This cigar is a favorite among many aficionados for its deep smoky draw and long, luxurious finish.

Solo Café Corona. This java-infused, handmade cigar is renowned for its amazing blend of Dominican tobaccos surrounded by a sweet Indonesian wrapper. The smoke is soft, buttery-smooth, and calming with an amazing aroma of coffee. If you’re looking for real quality for a modest price, this cigar is an absolute must. Its unbeatable construction and flawless burn make it favorite among cigar connoisseurs everywhere.

That’ll keep your humidor nice and happy. Don’t forget to save some for later. Enjoy!

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