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Tequila Oro is the “gold” standard for agave drinks

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Tequila Oro is the “gold” standard for agave drinks


In the hands of an experienced bartender or host, tequila can be made into a work of art.

How much better, then, when the tequila itself starts out in a work of art? Crafted top to bottom by Mexican artisans, Tequila Oro (literally “gold tequila”) is beautiful through and through.

At base, Tequila Oro is a fine liquor – either in its blanco, reposado, añejo or nine-year aged tequila extra style, all of which are made with 100-percent blue agave tequilana weber plants. And while it’s what’s inside that counts, it is the container that makes this tequila magnifico.

While the packaging is very important as it often shapes the public perspective on the product inside, most often, the packaging is designed after the product has been refined. In the case of Tequila Oro, however, the opposite appears to be the case.

According to company boss Marc Soler, the design for the bottle came not only first but from his past life in the mining business.

“Because we are in the mining business,” he says, “we are in contact with gold, silver and other metals.”

That is why each hand-blown glass bottle of Tequila Oro is decorated with more than 440 grams of 18-karat gold, as well as rubies, emeralds, and real diamonds.

“We are the first to offer this kind of ‘liquor-jewel’ in the world,” Soler says, mentioning that it takes more than 30 Mexican artisans anywhere from nine to 18 weeks to craft each bottle of Tequila Oro.

If you’re thinking of maybe grabbing a bottle of Tequila Oro gold base version, be prepared to spend big: $36,000 per bottle, according to the company website, www.tequilaoro.com

As for why he chose what to put inside these works of art, Soler says that was an easy decision.

“My favorite drink is tequila,” he says, “the traditional liquor from México.”

Therefore, he says, the marriage of a beautiful package and a perfectly-aged liquor was a natural for this tequila-loving jewel-finder who presented the very first bottle to a client of his mining company.

“He liked it very much,” Soler says. “Time after, he told me that some friends wanted to have Tequila Oro.”

So even though he may have put the package before the product, Soler was savvy enough to not let supply get ahead of demand.

“In fall of 2005,” Soler says, “Tequila Oro started to sell to a very limited circle of clients.”

And Soler has kept to his limited edition production schedule since then, In fact, to this day, he only produces 30 of these be-jeweled bottles per year. As it is so limited, Tequila Oro is a rare treat indeed. Each set takes nine weeks to deliver and the manufacturers reserve the right to honor or refuse any requests.

“Our sales policies are strict and we choose our clients,” Soler says. “Our clients are businessmen, politicians, movie stars and famous singers.”

And while it may seem that Tequila Oro is just for the rich and famous, Soler says that it is not solely for them. In fact, 95 percent of those who apply for purchase are denied.

“We don’t want to see Tequila Oro in junk videos,” Soler says. “I am proud to create Tequila Oro.”



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