Always drawing inspiration from nature, Sullivan loves incorporating flowers, trees, birds and shells … in prints, papers and her use of natural fabrics. When one enters a home that has received the gracious touch of Terry Sullivan Interiors, one feels the serenity flowing from the orchestration of her design work. Sullivan is able to inspire while capturing and preserving the character of a home and each individual room within it: Imagining them outfitted in any other way seems impossible. In fact, channeling this union between intense emotions and familial surroundings – creating the “golden mean” in a client’s home – is a factor for which Sullivan is very well known.

Terry Sullivan Interior Design

“Timeless” and “classic” are two words often used to describe the designs of Terry Sullivan Interiors; although “fresh” and “new” define her work as well. In addition to receiving inspiration from nature, Sullivan incorporates classic design features into space, giving elegance a new facet; dazzling with modern color palettes and new applications. For example, her collection of period Morris wallpaper patterns – which are still used to craft hand-blocked wallpapers – as well as her choice of Tillet hand-painted fabric designs give Sullivan’s work an intensely refreshing blend of nostalgic charm stamped with an original flair.

Terry Sullivan Interior Design

Having interned with Clement Conger (former curator of The White House), and then designed for the firm of Parish-Hadley, Sullivan has had the privilege of many notable design influences which have shaped her exclusive approach. While at Parish-Hadley, Sullivan served as the sole assistant to interior designer Bunny Williams. Also, she enjoys collaborative working relationships with the distinguished partnership firm of Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLP of New York City as well as architects, John Murray, and John Tackett.

“My mission is to enhance my clients’ joy in their everyday surroundings,” says Terry Sullivan, nationally-renowned interior designer and founder of one of New York’s most respected firms, Terry Sullivan Interiors.

Terry Sullivan Interiors is accustomed to the experience of working closely with top-tier architectural designers as well. Engaging with the best architects and the finest clients, Sullivan and her design team display an uncommon cohesiveness, drawing the best from client and vendors alike. Often she is called upon to lecture about her design concepts and expound on her ability to coordinate a myriad of artists involved with a single project. 

Terry Sullivan Interior Design

The best-known names in the decorating industry can be found within Sullivan’s designs: Rattan chairs from Bielecky, embroidered linens from D. Porthault, classic chintz from Lee Jofa,  Brunschwig, silks trimmings from Scalamandre, wallpaper from Farrow and Ball, as well as Sullivan’s own signature designed-and-printed fabrics and wallpapers. Not confining herself solely to the famous, Sullivan gives an opportunity to lesser-known talent by drawing from their offerings as well. This generosity of spirit and supreme eye for ability broadens awareness of fine things and adds rare or one-of-kind elements into her decors. Imported, hand-crafted Irish linen, for instance, is one of her favorite textiles to use. Sullivan always has her eye out for textiles, art pieces, floor coverings and other components that will create the “exceptional” choices she wishes to present her clients.

From the comfortable setting of a Connecticut retreat to the finesse of a New York penthouse, Sullivan has worked her magic to capture the exact desires of each client. It is no wonder that House Beautiful Magazine listed Terry Sullivan Interiors as one of America’s top designers in 2000 and Elle Décor lists Sullivan as one of America’s Top 20 Interior Designers.