With the hottest summer in years reaching its peak, and the global lockdown lifting, many people are setting out in search of adventure. Camping can be a lot of fun. Getting in touch with nature while spending time with your family and friends is fantastic and is a great way to spend a vacation. You can go camping at any time of the year, but with winter approaching, make the most out of the long summer evenings and cool summer nights. Going camping requires you to bring a few essential pieces of equipment, and that is precisely what this page will tell you. 

Going equipped is very important. If you go camping unequipped, you risk hurting yourself or others and risk finding yourself in danger. The wilderness is a very unforgiving place, and if you are not properly equipped, you may find yourself on its bad side. 

Car Camping

Car camping is awesome. You can find a lot of information out about car camping online, as many people blog and talk about it, and whether you check out their blog, respectively, or read this guide, do your research. Going car camping essentially means setting out in your car into the depths of the wilderness, disembarking, and finding somewhere to set up a tent. Car camping gives you freedom and can enable you to go anywhere in the entire world. Many people set out on their bicycles or in their RVs, but both have their disadvantages. For an RV, for example, you will likely spend the night inside that, rather than going out and becoming acquainted with nature, and on a bicycle, you cannot bring much equipment. 

Car camping gives you the freedom you could not have anywhere else is something you should consider for your next camping trip. Having a car is essential on a camping trip, as if any disaster were to happen, you would be able to seek help immediately.

A Gas Stove

Many people go camping without a gas stove and rely entirely on a campfire to cook their food. Not only can cooking your food over a campfire potentially cook it unevenly and give you food poisoning, but it can also be very unreliable. You are not guaranteed to find the proper equipment for a campfire in the dead of night, especially if it has been raining or the ground is wet. Bringing a gas stove means that you will be able to cook and eat at any time of day or night and do not need to worry about a campfire. If you have a gas stove, a campfire is a simple luxury, and not important.

Waterproof Tent

A waterproof tent is essential and you’ll probably want to get sleeping bags. Some of the best sleeping bags go on sale multiple times throughout the year. Many tents are not waterproof, and instead, open you up to the potential to get drenched with water when you are sleeping. Becoming very wet when outdoors is dangerous, especially if there are low temperatures, as you may find yourself falling sick or getting hypothermia, which could potentially lead to pneumonia. A waterproof tent is a camping essential that you must never leave for a camping trip without unless you will be sleeping in an RV or a car.

LED Torch

An LED flashlight is another essential you mustn’t leave without. Becoming lost in the woods can be a hazard, and if you are in extremely dense woodland, life-threatening. An LED flashlight can preserve you and help you to find your way out of the woodland in an emergency. An LED flashlight can also enable you to look into the canopy of trees and ensure wherever you are setting up your tent is not in the line of deadfall. Deadfall is very dangerous.

knife perfect for your next camping tripKnife

You will need a knife when you set out camping. Knives are multipurpose tools and are not simply, as many will have you believe, weapons solely created to destroy and hurt. A knife is an essential tool that you should not go camping without. It enables you to cut any ropes that may become jammed on your tent and will allow you to cut through the brush if you need to make a clearing. It will also protect you should you find yourself becoming attacked by any predatory animals, which depending on where you are in the world, could be a real likelihood. Check your local government policy on knives to ensure it is not illegal to carry them, as it often is in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Now you know some camping essentials that you absolutely must not leave without. A camping trip is a lot of fun, providing you set up the necessary precautions and do not risk your own life and the lives of those with you.