If there is one common issue seniors face often, it is back pain.

As their kid or caregiver, you must have encountered instances where their back pain would have made you wonder if there were simple ways to curb their issues.

Well, this article could be your silver lining. We understand no one likes back pain. So, we went ahead and compiled useful tips that will undoubtedly help you take better care of your seniors.

Take a look.

Make Them Diligently Follow an Exercise Schedule

Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise daily for the elderly. Exercising helps move the core muscles and improve blood circulation.

Moderately intense workouts for at least five days a week can also help strengthen their back. These exercises improve the posture, thus removing the load from the spine and easing back pain.

The best back strengthening exercises for the elderly include:

  • Gentle backbend
  • Neck and chest stretches
  • Moderately intense aerobic exercises like walking and cycling
  • Seated cat-cow and
  • Gentle weight-bearing exercises

Help Them Maintain an Ideal Body Weight

If your elderly loved one is overweight, this might be another reason that’s causing them severe back pain. Holding extra weight than it is supposed to can make the spine struggle and lead to pain.

Of course, with exercise, your elderly will be able to maintain the recommended body weight. But you can take extra measures to ensure the weight of your elderly doesn’t flick back to unacceptable numbers.

Ensure they are eating healthy and less fattening meals. In old age, diet takes a hit with reduced hunger and poor food choices. So, make sure your elderly eat a nourishing, low-carb meal by giving them company.

Always Be There for Them

Seniors are always in need of assistance. Unfortunately, there are times when there is no one around, and they have to carry themselves. This is where they may hurt their back even more. So, make sure you’re always around to:

  • Pick up things they accidentally drop,
  • Assist with activities like running errands or doctor visits and
  • Consider arranging for short-term home care services when you are not available.

Make Your House Senior-Friendly

Your busy lifestyle can make you overlook that your seniors may not live in a senior-friendly home environment. If you sense that, consider making changes immediately to provide some relief to your seniors from their back pain. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep things your elderly use frequently within easy reach.
  • Buy comfort-enhancing things like back cushions, back-supporting mattresses, armchairs, etc.
  • Remove things that are causing or may lead to loss of balance and accidents like loose rugs or mats.
  • Get devices that allow your elderly to move independently and with confidence, like hand-held grabbers and self-supporting canes.

Help Them Give Up on Intoxicating Substances

Stress and age-related diseases can often make most elders turn to intoxicating substances like tobacco and alcohol. Consuming them often may lead to loss of water in the spinal disc and tightening of core muscles.

Here is what you can do to curb the problem:

  • Make your loved elderly give up on intoxicants by starting small. If they have it occasionally at parties, it will be easier to make them give up on them forever.
  • You can introduce your elderly to fresh fruit juices and energy drinks or even strong beverages like coffee to make them turn away from the stimulants.

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Wrapping Up

Back pain in the elderly may overwhelm you at times, but you can take care of most issues with the tips mentioned above. However, if you notice that the pain isn’t easing up even after proper care, it might be best to consult your doctor.

Also, make sure you indulge your elderly in exercises only after consulting with your doctor first!