When you go on safari, you have many favorite animals to see. I’ve put together a list of my top 5 best animal sightings that I have experienced.

Top Best Animal Sightings

1.First we have the gorgeous spotted cat; the leopard. I have been very fortunate to see leopard cubs! With their innocent faces and adorable blue eyes it is impossible to dislike them. The mother had hidden an impala carcass in a thick tree. She and the cubs were lying below the tree. Grooming the one cub was proving to be hard since he was certainly very fidgety!

Top Best Animal Sightings

2. “Mom, stop moving your tail! I’m trying to catch it!” The 9 week old lion cub was probably thinking that while lying on his back behind his mom. The lioness and her sister were basking in the sun, not really enjoying being pestered by the two cubs. The proud-looking father was looking on while sitting a few yards away. After their playtime, the cubs settled down for some milk and a catnap.

Top Best Animal Sightings

3. Magnificence is exhibited by the lilac-breasted roller as he looks at us with beady eyes. On the evening drive with no extraordinary sightings yet, we came across the bird sitting on a shrub. Having a lilac breast (hence the name) and blue-and-brown wings, it is a really eye-catching bird. After a few moments, it flew away into the foliage.

Top Best Animal Sightings

4. Lifting his trunk defiantly the little elephant calf stares us in the eyes. He was also maybe a bit awkward since in the background another elephant was scratching his nether regions on a tree. The calf didn’t seem to know what to do with his trunk, waving it around like a flag and shaking his head. The large herd moved slowly through the trees, feeding. After a while, the elephant tagged along and we lost sight of him between the long legs of the others.

Top Best Animal Sightings

5. Being on foot changes your whole perspective. Following three male cheetahs along the road on foot was an amazing experience. They settled down on a termite mound, providing some beautiful photos. Only about 5-6 meters away you feel vulnerable, but you can be assured that they are more scared of you and hopefully won’t attack. A couple of minutes later, we left them in peace.

Having some new animal sightings to tick off your bucket list is always exciting. These are my bucket list animals. A few new ticks and you’re ready for your next safari!

| Photos courtesy of Jodie Ramackers


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