Top Cutting Edge Technology Gadgets

Trendy and cool must-have gadgets that are at the cutting edge of technology. From home to the ocean and everything in between, our team has come up with some ideal gadgets good for those who enjoy uniqueness.

The AERO-X – A vehicle that makes low-altitude flight realistic and affordable. The futuristic looking creation flies up to 10′ off the ground at 45 mph. The Aero-X can be adapted for many outdoor uses such as surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, ranching and much more.

The Aero-X

UBTECH ALPHA 1S HUMANOID ROBOT – The world’s first advanced, entertaining human robot engineered with a flexible servo-joint design mimicking any human movement. Size 39.8 cm H and 91.5 cm W, and approximately 11.4 cm depth weighting 3.64 lbs. Available for purchase at Harrods.

Ubtech Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot

THE AUREUS 24 KARAT GOLD SURFBOARD – LUX Surfboards have created a unique and one of the kind 24 karat gold surfboard, the world’s first limited edition Aurcus golden gilt surfboard has been hand-build in a small studio by the North Devon, England. Its dimension is 6’8″ x 20 1/2′ x 3″ and priced at 125,000lbs.

The Aureus - 24 karat gold surfboard