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Top Six Interior Designers


Top Six Interior Designers

Interior Design

Top Six Interior Designers

Here are the Top Six Interior Designers of our choice. Take a look at their most unique and stylish designs.
Benjamin Dhong Interior DesignBenjamin Dhong Interior Design | Based out of San Francisco,CA, Benjamin Dhong Interiors is an architectural and interior design firm whose main focus is balance in all of their designs. The company always strives to create a timeless elegance for their client by infusing traditional looks with modern elements, and while they are not opposed to adding layers of boldness, they always strive to create a comforting equilibrium. Mr. Dhong explains his theory, thus, “Our spaces are ethereal and serene. The palette, materials and shapes are in balance. Not to say that we don’t inject bold gestures; however, they are always balanced.”

Cullman + Kravis Interior Design

Cullman + Kravis Interiors | This design firm, based out of New York City, concentrates on not only personalizing a space for their client, but also in modernizing the traditional.  They are not afraid of combing antique pieces with modern ones because they believe in preserving tradition by placing it in a contemporary environment. The company operates on a national level and has worked closely with architects such as: Allan Greenberg, Tom Kirchhoff, Tom Kligerman, John B. Murray, Gordon Pierce, Oscar Shamamian, Jeff Smith, and Peter Zimmerman.

Geoffrey Bradfield Interiors

Geoffrey Bradfield Interiors | Designer Geoffrey Bradfield does not just specialize in homes, but is also well known for designing work interiors for many Fortune 500 companies. His design style is that of structural elegance, borrowing from the Orient, African Primitivism, and Art Deco to create an exotic and luxurious space. Mr. Bradfield’s designs emulate a luxurious and worldly feel while also maintaining functionality and high tech convenience. Mr. Bradfield has designed for and collaborated with countless companies, prominent families who are his “silent celebrities, and has an impressive list of awards and recognition that reflect his long and illustrious career.

Pepe Calderin Design

Pepe Calderin Design | An award winning interior designer Pepe Calderin Design specializes in utilizing as many of the senses as possible in their work. The company uses 3-D rendering to show their clients the vast possibilities available for their space, and the designers are always conscious of developing a positive relationship with clients. Although the company is well known for its Miami work, they also design out of New York and specialize in both home and business interiors.

Beverly Hills Interior - Interior Designer

Beverly Hills Interiors-Ron Dayan | Ron Dayan’s company, Beverly Hills Interiors, is a designer to the stars, and has worked with Barry Gibb, Smokey Robinson, and Duff McKagan to name a few.  The company specializes in outfitting any luxury living space, whether it is for your home, your office, private jet, or yacht.  Beverly Hills Interiors operates internationally, and its designs range from Mediterranean, to French royalty, to Spanish style luxury.  This architectural and interior design firm is not afraid to capture your big design dreams.

Saw Horse Design Build of Seattle - Interior Designer

Saw Horse Design Build of Seattle | Saw Horse is a design firm out of Seattle that offers the best general contracting services for remodels, renovation, and additions in the area. The constant drizzle in Seattle can cause a lot of mold and dampness in homes, but the payoff is the unparalleled landscape and views. Having a contractor who understands the uniqueness of the area, can match the contemporary but earthy design of the area’s homes, and simultaneously showcase the breathtaking views is a treasure. Saw Horse prides itself in its ethical practices, and integrity of business.


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