Ever wonder what would it be like to actually live in a plane without the hassle of turbulence? Costa Verde Hotel has just the right suite for you, the Phoenix, the exclusive hotel suite that’s actually a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe which sits perched on a 50-foot pedestal offering scenic ocean and jungle views from the hardwood deck built atop the plane’s former right wing.

This unique suite also features two air conditioned bedrooms, each with its own private bath, a flat screen TV, a kitchenette and dining area and a private entrance, and it is surrounded by miles of impenetrable jungle on one side and deep blue-ocean on the other. The plane interior also showcases beautiful Costa Rican teak paneling from the cockpit to the tail; and all furnishings are teak hand-carved from Java, Indonesia, in fact, those who visit has been quoted as saying that this is the perfect romantic getaway where one can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty while feeling disconnected from the world.

So there you have it, need to get away and have an adventure? Hotel Costa Verde is the place to visit and “the Phoenix suite” is the room to have.