Untold Story Travel has launched a series of Adventures on Your Doorstep for U.S. travelers to meet the people and explore the incredible destinations closer to home.

Storytelling is at the heart of each travel experience and the cornerstone of the company’s approach. Each of us has an ‘untold story’, a vision waiting to be realized. Untold Story Travel’s purpose is to enable guests to write this through unique insider access to authentic people and places. It believes that travel is not just about where you go, but much more about how you want to feel.

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Deeper connections are achieved by connecting clients to those ‘storytellers’ on the ground: characters who have great stories to tell, skills to teach and places to show – from visionaries to cultural icons, historians to conservationists, culinary masters to the world’s greatest explorers. The team’s unique black book of global experts share tales that ensure a true and authentic cultural exchange. This may include a survival skills expert on a Desert Island Castaway to beach landscape artists in California, to a former Mexican free diving champion.

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Each trip is fully bespoke to the individual client. The team at Untold Story Travel collaborate, meeting clients in person or over the phone to help write their story by understanding all desires and goals. Untold Story Travel has also implemented a Travel with Care program to provide on-going and real time guidance for travelers to give confidence that health and safety is its first assurance wherever they are around the world.

To give travelers the confidence to plan ahead, Untold Story Travel offers a 100% refund or date change up to 30 days prior to departure for any holiday taken between October 2020 & October 2021.

For those based in the continental U.S., Untold Story Travel has developed the below sample trips as an idea of what is possible:

The Legend of Big Sky Country in Montana and Wyoming

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Embark on a road trip through the wild landscapes of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and Glacier National Park to discover their wildlife, history and the modern-day cowboy. Experience a day in the life of a cowboy at a working ranch, witnessing the remarkable art of horse whispering, and follow the Old West trails on horseback. Inspired, meet the fearless riders and wranglers on a behind-the-scenes visit to the Jackson Hole Rodeo. Other experiences may see guests taking on the rapids of Wyoming’s Snake River, or track black bears and wolf packs with Doug Smith, project leader for the Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone. Fly over Glacier National Park for a panoramic view of Big Sky Country and the majestic glacial peaks, and wander the abandoned buildings and still-stocked stores of a mining ghost town, perhaps even creating their own Western movie with a film crew. Guests will finish their great outdoors adventures with a stay at a luxury Ranch to re-charge.

Untold Story Travel offers a 10-night experience from $15,000 per person based on two travelers or $8,000 based on a family of 4 travelers.


Storm Chasing in the Mid-West

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Those with a sense for adventure will enjoy the chance to join real-life storm chasers. Whether tornados are occurring in the Texas Panhandle, Illinois’ cornfields, or anywhere in between, guests will be there, as close to the action as conditions allow. Once the meteorologist team have plotted the path of the storm, guests will be flown towards its general vicinity. They will be transported in a luxury RV, staffed by a gourmet private chef for overnight stays, allowing access to extremely remote locales without sacrificing comfort or modern amenities. Together with specially adapted meteorological monitoring SUVs, the convoy sets off to reach the heart of the storm. Over the course of several days, they will be accompanied by a professional weather film production crew that document the storm chasing adventure from start to finish. Guests will be work alongside the Meteorologists, taking samples from the storm and analyzing weather patterns that will contribute to ongoing research into climate change. This is their chance to have a tangible impact in a globally significant project.

Untold Story Travel offers a 7-night experience from $40,000 per person.


Aloha Escapade in Hawaii

Escape to the tropical climes of Hawaii for an in-depth introduction to the lush islands and rich culture. Guests may choose to feast on local food and try hula dancing at a private traditional luau, swim with manta rays after dark in waters glowing with bioluminescent plankton. Hike by night in Mauna Kea and stargaze with an expert astronomer. For a panoramic take on the island, take an open-door helicopter flight over active volcanic craters with expert volcanologist Scott Rowland from the University of Hawaii.  Adrenaline junkies will also love the opportunity to ride Oahu’s legendary North Shore rip curls with former pro Ken Bradshaw; board a zodiac boat and speed towards the ‘Forbidden Island’ of Niihau along the famed Napali Coast; or even embark on their own ‘Amazing Race’ style challenge across the island of Maui.

Untold Story Travel offers a 7-night experience from $10,000 per person.


Island Time – Caribbean Edition

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Discover a different side of this much-loved destination with a series of extraordinary experiences across the network of islands. Guests may take a private tour of Bob Marley’s former residence and recording studio then visit a historic studio to record their own track. Foodies may venture into the mountains of the Dominican Republic to join a small dinner party where the chef will prepare local cuisine paired with rum, hand rolled cigars and live acoustic music. The natural world is explored, heading off the beaten path with a private guide through the majestic Blue Mountains to learn about its unique flora and fauna before sampling its most coveted export, single estate coffee. Paddle through mangroves to experience up close this important ecosystem home to numerous species of birds, fish and reptiles and enjoy an educational interpretive tour from a private naturalist guide, or be up close and personal to underwater marine life with a VIP seat right next to the pilot on the Atlantis Submarine excursion. For a memory to last a lifetime, embark on an adventure to a private island in the Exumas to feed stingrays, walk alongside pigs, snorkel near sharks and eat fresh caught conch and other island fare during a once-in-a-lifetime excursion by speedboat.

Untold Story Travel offers a 7-night experience from $8,000 per person.

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Mark Allvey and Chris Brunning, co-founders of Untold Story Travel believe: “The world is full of stories to discover, with wonderful characters to meet and learn from. Each Untold Story Travel experience is designed to enable guests to write their own and to become the storyteller themselves when they return, sharing with family and friends. We appreciate that many travelers will stay closer to home this year and we were keen to showcase that incredible experiences are available right on our doorsteps.”