Francesca Bortolotto Possati’s Luxurious Guide to Exploring Venice

Francesca Bortolotto Possati is more than just CEO of The Bauer Hotels in Venice, Italy. Her entrepreneurial spirit has transcended all avenues of Italian culture—she’s an author, foodie, interior designer, and philanthropist.

Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, a shipbuilder from Liguria who first purchased and renovated the first Bauer in 1930, Francesca invested in an expansion that has led the hotels to grow to the four main properties that they are today: Bauers L’Hotel and Bauers Il Palazzo in Venice, and additionally the Bauers Palladio and Villa F located on Giudecca Island.


A native to this breathtaking city for almost her entire life, Francesca Bortolotto Possati has become both a public figure and patron of the arts; to put it simply, she knows all things Venice.

In a recent piece in the Financial Times, How to Spend It – Diary of a Somebody, Francesca Bortolotto Possati listed her suggestions for the most luxurious adventures in Venice. Should you happen to be in Venice or feature Venice in an upcoming story, her quality suggestions ensure a time well spent.


Explore her suggestions from dining to day trips, spas and gardens.

Rialtro Market

Rialtro Market – Just twelve minutes from Bauer l’Hotel, this outdoor market is bustling with life and culture, the market is an explosion of color, sights and smells.” Francesca says. Be sure to arrive before noon to see best selection of fresh fish and produce labeled with their place of origin—almost always from local islands and surrounding countryside.


Bar Canale – Relax on the outdoor Terrace in the summer, or have a cozy cup of tea in the winter. Located on Campo San Simeon Grande, Francesca explains that this is her favorite glass of white wine within the entire Bauer complex.

Quadri – Just a four-minute walk from the Bauer l’Hotel, this restaurant overlooks St. Mark’s Square. A quintet in the background softly accompanies your dining experience. As Francesca writes, this is one of Venice’s chicest Michelin-starred restaurant. It is an elegant and intimate restaurant with the most impeccable service.” Ingredients are locally chosen from the Rialtro Market daily.

Il Palladio Hotel & Spa

Il Vivaio Gardens in Campo della Misericordia – Bortolotto Possati explains that you need to schedule an appointment to visit to see this “hidden gem.” Her love for well-manicured green space expands as she describes her own “three-acre garden hidden behind the Palladio Hotel and Spa and Villa F, our collection of private residences and the newest addition to the portfolio on Giudecca Island.”

Il PalladioSpa

Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa – located on the Giudecca Island, The Palladio is lavishly equipped with amenities such as spas, gardens, and dining. Francesca says, “This garden is like an oasis from the bustling streets and canals of Venice.”

Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli2

Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli – soaps that tell an interesting story: Francesca opened this cosmetic laboratory to make soaps, perfumes, and local cosmetics. The Basilica is part of a rehabilitation program for women in the local jail – helping them acquire a beneficial skill set at the crossroads of science and beauty.

Village of Burano

Burano Island – A day excursion about an hour from the hotel, and home to the famous Burano lace, this island features brightly colored homes that reflect into the surrounding water channels. Walking alongside these neon houses, visitors will feel like they are within a piece of art.


Jesurum – located down the street from Bauer l’Hotel, this 100% Made In Italy exclusive household linens company focuses on providing exceptional linens for customer’s homes, yachts, and private jets. The company has an extensive history of high-end clientele, including royalty, and continues to maintain its promise of excellence through meticulous attention to detail and flawless craftsmanship. Pick up something to take back home after your stay in Venice.

Experience The Bauer Hotels and all that they are located near in Venice—Francesca’s way. For the full five-day diary from Francesca, visit the following link: Francesca Bortolotto Possati Financial Times Piece.