Dry and brittle hair is one of the most common issues when it comes to hair health. It affects men and women, adults and kids. But why does this happen when it should be shiny and smooth? Well, chances are that a firm cause lies behind this issue and that it is probably a habit that you are not aware of.

Now, there are three hair layers, of which the outer is supposed to protect the inner layers with the essential natural oils that are produced. It is a fact that by washing your hair, you strip some of those oils away, but this shouldn’t result in long-term damage unless it is accompanied by other incorrect hair habits.

No one likes fragile hair — it doesn’t look nice, and it is certainly not something that you will take pride in. Bearing this in mind, addressing the aforementioned issue is a must. There are many methods to treat fragile hair, but in order for you to be successful, you should first determine the cause.

If the cause is using a harsh shampoo, you can solve it by investing in some of the 5 top shampoo options for dry hair. Still, there are other factors that affect your hair health other than your habits, including the environment you are living in as well as certain physical conditions such as the weather.

So how do you treat extremely dry hair? By detecting the cause, correcting your habits, and staying away from the factors that caused the dry hair in the first place.

The Common Causes For Extremely Dry Hair

As you maybe know, extremely dry hair happens due to the lack of moisture in your hair. Also, your hair doesn’t produce as much of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, and thus, the protective outer layer is more fragile, which then results in a brittle texture. But while this is quite clear, we still haven’t worked out the problem.

First of all, there are certain environmental factors that affect the health of your hair including overexposure to the sun, harsh wind, and weather during certain seasons. Both summer and winter can have an ill effect on the health of your hair. During the winter, you are exposing your hair to stress by constantly changing the environment from cold (outdoors) to hot and dry (indoors). On the other hand, while the sun is essential for maintaining proper hair health, too much of it will dry your hair out.

Other than this, there are certain practices that may result in extremely dry hair as well including blow-drying, too much heat, harsh conditioner, and shampoo, as well as ironing, curling, and chemical treatments.

Also, there are certain health conditions like hypothyroidism as well as anorexia nervosa that are connected with extremely dry hair.

Treating Extremely Dry Hair

Now that we know the possible causes, treating extremely dry hair is much easier. The first thing that you should do is avoid washing your hair every day. Your best bet is to do it two or three times a week (at most). This way you will not strip off all the natural oils that are there to protect your hair. Also, once you are done washing your hair, we recommend that you use a conditioner (a mild one) that is going to help your hair retain moisture and thus prevent brittleness.

As mentioned above, you need to ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you are using are for your type of hair. By investing in a proper moisturizing product, you will once again give your hair a boost when it comes to trapping in moisture and producing natural oils.

When it comes to oils, improving your diet may help as well — we suggest that you eat more omega 3 and omega 6 foods (fish), as well as eggs and nuts that are rich in vitamins and minerals crucial for the health of your hair.

What you should avoid are common and harsh chemical treatments including dyeing and bleaching. In fact, you shouldn’t do any alterations at all, which means that avoiding flat irons, blow-drying, and electric rollers will be of great benefit and thus prevent extremely dry hair.


As you can see, treating extremely dry hair is possible as long as you know what stands behind it. Don’t be stubborn about your practices — instead, be ready to change and restore the natural silky texture and shiny looks of your hair.