Curly hair is cool as it bends, coils, and curves! But at the same time, it could be tender and fragile due to all those intricate twists and turns. Girls with straight hair have a maximum propensity for natural curls, which lets them finally indulge in hours of involvement to get a natural curly look! 

However, maintaining the luster of curly hair is pretty difficult due to its curvy characteristics; the natural oils can’t quickly travel from the top to the bottom of the hair strands to maintain its softness. 

Consequently, curly girls often remain depressed because of the low moisturization of their natural locks, which make their hair look thirsty! So, from one curly girl to another, these suggested tricks for a more authentic natural curl look will make your hair care regimen a whole lot straightforward. Let’s get started!

  • Choose specific curly hair shampoo, and don’t skip it

A general myth about maintaining natural curls is that co-washing or washing your twisty hair with conditioner only. It is believed to be the only solution to safeguard it from tangling. Sometimes, people believe that as the shampoos contain sulfates, shampooing isn’t good for the curls, which steals the moisture from hair and leaves it frizzy. 

As curly hair needs specific products, you must not forget that the key to any healthy hair is a fresh scalp. Therefore, shampooing with the right products 2 times a week is great to make it dirt-free. 

  • Deep condition daily

Do you have thick and curly hair, which needs to be protected? Those hair types might not always be dehydrated because of lacking moisture, but they require deep-conditioning treatments! A detox and hydrating hair mask for your curly hair are essential for acquiring juicy curls, which look bouncy, voluminous, and gorgeous. 

  • Turn down the hot water for washing your hair

Washing your hair off with hot water often makes your natural curls dry and lackluster. But with cold water, shampoo eliminates those hair cuticles shut, which helps retain moisture and makes your natural curls lustrous and mitigate frizz. 

  • Blow-dry your curls strategically   

It’s important to blow-dry your hair with a premium diffuser. So, when your curls get extremely dry, you need to scrunch them up and clip those curls with some jaw clips. Now, when you’re good to go, take those clips out, and blow-dry your curls for a little longer, and rock your drophead gorgeous look! This is how they can be dried without the hair weight pulling them down.

  • Use a spray bottle to incorporate moisture 

Wetness is the biggest consideration for detangling your hair, ensuring you can work through knots. For an elegant curly hair look, it’s essential to spray each chunk 3-4 times to provide strands with moisture. Just spray water on your hair as the wet hair can absorb any product better.

To wrap up, these are the top 5 tricks for natural curl looks! If you have been struggling with unmanageable and frizzy hair, following the aforementioned tricks will help you get the most out of your curls.