Utu launches Magnolia collection  

Portugal-based lighting brand Utu has launched a new collection of lamps – Magnolia. The new Magnolia lamps were unveiled at the recent Maison & Object. Much like the magnolia flower, these lamps in pastel shades have a soft, curvy top that rests on a gridded ring base. The contrasting structural halves made of brass, copper variations and lacquered metal. The wood detail at the top is customized upon request.
Magnolia Lamps from UtusMagnolia Lamps from Utus


Born out of a desire to design lighting solutions that enrich spaces with individuality and meaning, the design team at Utu works tirelessly to explore and develop various ideas. The skilled Portuguese craftsmen draw upon the rich heritage of metal, glass and lacquer work to make these handmade lamps. 

Utu successfully melds edgy creativity and craftsmanship with a wide range of finishes to bring out suspension, table, floor and wall lamps with different concepts and functional solutions. 
Magnolia Lamps from UtusMagnolia Lamps from Utus



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