So we all know about our deep tissue massages, hammam treatments and body wraps but what about the more weird and wonderful wellness and spa treatments out there? From facials using gold, to bathing in wine, check out the latest wellness crazes from around the globe…

 Gold Spa Treatment

GOLD INDULGENCE | Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Florence

For the most luxurious spa experience out there why not try the Lux Perfection Treatment using 24 karat gold to bring soothing and anti-ageing qualities. This treatment has already become the most sought-after skin care treatment and was a firm favourite form of indulgence for Cleopatra 5,000 years ago who was said to believe it brought the sun’s radiance into her skin. For such extravagance, you would hope that it did!

Under The Sea Spa Treatment

UNDER THE SEA | Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

From relaxing by the sea to under it, Huvafen Fushi offer a new and visionary spa experience for its clients by providing the world’s first underwater spa. Why not relax with a full body massage while listening to the soft hum of the sea and watch the colourful spectrum of tropical fish swim past your window for a truly surreal but intensely relaxing experience.

Sugar Beach Spa Treatment

NO ILLUSION | Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia 

Forget walking on water… how about cycling on water!? We promise this is no illusion, rather a beach-time adventure you have to try. Hop on the new Schiller aquatic bikes that give you the opportunity not only to take your fitness regime to the water but also to discover and explore the hidden coves and beaches that St. Lucia has to offer.

Take the Plunge Spa treatment

TAKE THE PLUNGE | Les Sources de Caudalie, France 

Here is where you take your love for wine to the extreme. At Les Sources de Caudalie they have discovered red vine extracts hold beneficial circulatory and draining properties that creates a thoroughly enriching hydro-massage. Who says wine is bad for you when your skin reaps so many benefits from this relaxing treatment?

Banyan Tree Al Wadi

FOREST FEELING | Banyan Tree Al Wadi

This hotel may be set amongst hot, dry sand dunes but its spa is home to a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facility called The Rainforest. Here the best restorative retreat await you in the midst of desert living with 16 hydrothermal therapies, each designed to sooth and revitalise different parts of the body. Expect cascading showers, pebbled ponds, ice igloos and vitality pools …

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