Now that Mother’s Day is over, its time to focus on dear old dad. Father’s Day is less than a week away and Upscale Living Magazine editor, Deve Sanford has found the perfect gift! Brackish, an exciting, revolutionary brand from South Carolina, is making a big splash in the world of men’s fashion with their exquisite, hand-crafted feather accessories. They have managed to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Never again will men look at receiving what was once a traditional gift in the same way. Each piece in their collection, which includes: bowties, cummerbunds, and pins are functional, one of a kind and ready to gift in its very own pine box, complete with a hand branded logo. 

Family Affair: (L-R) Sanford Nilsson wears St, Pierre, Jannie Sanford wears Hammock, Ron Sanford Edisto and Deve Sanford wears Mako

Family Affair: (L-R) Sanford Nilsson wears St, Pierre, Jannie Sanford wears Hammock, Ron Sanford Edisto and Deve Sanford wears Mako

Founded in 2012, by Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner, today the company employs over 40 artisans that allow the company to flourish and strive for continuous innovation. Brackish has a broad range to choose from and retails anywhere from $55 dollars to $665 dollars. These fabulous feather creations make the most amazing conversation pieces so get ready to be the center of attention at the next get together.

For those that wonder if any birds were harmed in the making of these works of art. Absolutely not! The entire Brackish collection comes from sustainably sourced feathers.

It’s colorful, fun, elegant and most of all, its a gift that the men in your life will enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day! 

Brackish Founders,  Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner

Brackish Founders,  Ben Ross, and Jeff Plotner

Gallery of Ties Worn

Hammock bow tie

Hammock bow tie

Edisto Bow Tie

Edisto Bow Tie

Mako bow TieEdisto Bow Tie


Bow Tie Best Sellers: Rice, St. Pierre, Edisto, Flintlock, Chisholm
Plum Thicket Pin Best Sellers: Twilight, Highlight, Wheeler, Ross, Highlands
Pocket Square Best Sellers: Guinea, Carew, Clovis
Cummerbund Best Seller: Navy Lady Cummerbund

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Photo Credit: Jim Land Photography

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