The world has changed. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in2020 it changed the way we think, it changed the way we interact, and it changed the way we travel. For one, it brought to light how important it is for us to leave it all behind and get away for a while. For many, it’s an absolute essential for happiness and a sense of fulfillment… but it also made us rethink our travel habits.

Once we realized how much we all like our personal space, it’s hard to think about going back into crowds of people. Many still do not feel comfortable enough to take a trip but have become restless at home. So how do we move forward? How do we accommodate travelers’ safety concerns while putting their minds at ease in a world where there are still so many unanswered questions?

While most of the travel industry took a hard hit from CV19, there is one aspect of it that grew and thrived because it was already set up in a way that addressed all of these concerns- Private Travel. 

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What Is Private Travel?

Private Travel is an organized trip for you and a very specific group of people… and no one else. This style of travel allows you to bond with those you care about or would like to get to know better. It’s a great opportunity for family bonding, team building, intimate celebrations, or anyone just looking to escape the maddening chaos of society for a while.

Private Travel is unique in that it can be fully tailored to you and your guests’ needs. Everything from transportation to staffing, menu to activities can be curated for your ultimate getaway. You can design your vacation to be as chic or as modern as you’d like. 

Private Travel
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It’s The New Trend!

When you hear ‘private travel’ most people tend to imagine the most luxurious, over-the-top vacations that are only available to the rich and famous, but the truth is, it’s more accessible than you think!

While it’s true that some use travel as a way to meet new people, the fact is that most people who travel would rather be in smaller groups with individuals they already know. We like our personal space. The less we have to interact with the public, the better. Unpredictable public transportation, impersonal group tours, and contending with strangers at the beach are out! Want to know what’s in? Private jets, private guided tours, and having an entire island to yourself!

Yes, Private Travel is definitely more exclusive, but it doesn’t have to be exclusively expensive. There are numerous private experiences out there that will fit just about any budget. Due to the current demand, more companies are offering unique tours and excursions for small groups that cost the same as what you’d pay for a week in the Caribbean. You just have to know where to look for them. 

Private Travel
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What are my Private options?

The best news is that just about anything can be booked as a private experience and customized just for you. Your flight, accommodations, cruises, excursions, and even your special events can be made even more memorable for you and your guests if you book them privately rather than commercially.

Private Jets allow you to plan around your own schedule, skip airport security, and fly in comfort with access to more destinations than commercial flights.

Private Homes & Villas are beautiful, well-manicured, secluded houses where you will find peace in having no noisy neighbors, and not sharing accommodations with strangers.

Private Islands are the perfect way to enjoy an absolute privacy in luxury. You can book entire islands just for you and your guests. Most are booked all-inclusive and fully-staffed. Perfect for reunions, private events, and destination weddings.

Private Resorts are perfect if you’re looking for a most luxuriously surreal experience. Many private islands also have their own resort that may be booked by villa or bungalow, or maybe rented out entirely.

Private Cruises allow you to book an entire ship just for you and your private event. Great for reunions, corporate events, and weddings. Explore a variety of different destinations in a way you’ve never imagined. 

Private Tours & Excursions such as safaris, or Mediterranean island hopping will exceed your expectations with their small group experiences. Explore just about any region in the world with professional guides to pilot your journey.

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More about Private Events

In the past, the most popular reasons to book privately have been for family holidays, destination weddings, and honeymoons. However, with the way the world has been shifting, people are finding more reasons than ever to travel this way.  Family reunions, special interest group meet-ups, company retreats, friend trips, bachelor/bachelorette parties, couple’s retreats, and even birthdays are all valid reasons to look into private bookings as a new favorite travel style. For some, the biggest reason is the promise of safety and privacy that this style of travel guarantees. 

This Sounds Great… How Do I Start Planning?

Because this is no ordinary trip, you’ll want to be sure to book all of your private needs through a qualified travel agent who specializes in Private Travel

Private Travel is actually quite different from casual travel when it comes to planning. Your large hotel chains and commercial airlines book thousands of trips a day and are accessible to just about anyone. However, most private options are exactly that… private. Because many accommodations are not listed to the public, an agent must build strong, working relationships with those whom they will be booking with directly. It takes a long time to acquire a collection of hand-selected options that a travel planner is confident in and proud to offer to their clients. It will be well worth it to invest in someone who is very familiar with how this process works.

What are you waiting for?

Private travel will elevate your vacation experiences to a new level of adventure and luxury. This style of travel will take you to unique destinations that tourists never get to experience. You’ll be able to impress your friends, family, and colleagues with rare stories that few others have ever told. 

It’s time to upgrade from your typical vacation to creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience!