There are a few cities that combine rich history, art, parkland, wildlife, attractions, a wide array of activities, and an authentic taste of international cuisines, but Surrey surely comes on top of the list. Surrey is known for its peaceful air and serene experience, but don’t let the peace fool you into thinking you won’t be able to have any fun; the list of activities and tours are about to take your breath away!

Before you pack your bags and head to Surrey, BC, here’s a list of everything you need to do to make the most out of your visit.

Enjoy the diversity in food

Let’s be very honest, a good trip becomes worse, if you can’t satisfy your appetite—but your trip has just become great. Arguably the best thing about Surrey is the biggest variety of world-class cuisines you can choose from; it’s bound to satisfy your taste no matter your preferences. So whether you’re looking forward to having some exquisite sushi or Indian food, or craving for some pizza and wings when in Surrey, you’ll be able to satisfy it with takeout services that will keep you coming for more! With the vast diversity of its population, you’ll find everything you desire and more.

Flirt with art and history

Surrey is a city of rich heritage and a fine taste in the arts, which will give you a chance to explore its art and history through your own eyes. You’ll be sure to appreciate the music, dance, theatre productions, and every other form of visual and performing arts, as well as exhibitions and gift shops in the Surrey Arts Centre. You can further quench your thirst for arts by visiting the major public art museum in the Surrey Art Gallery, after which you can take a journey back in time through Surrey’s history in the Museum of Surrey, Historic Stewart Farm, and many other tourist attractions.

attraction while visiting Surrey BC

Go for Agri-tourism

With more than a third of its land serving agricultural purposes, Surrey’s popularity in Agri-tourism is quickly growing. During your stay in Surrey, you can choose from a long list of farms to visit and learn more about agriculture, or you can enjoy your accommodation in one of the hosting farms. Whether you choose to explore the corn maze, pumpkin patches, pick your own berries, go for a hayride or check out the local wineries, you’re growing to learn a lot by sharing the local’s passion for farming. With permission to create Agri-tourism events, you’ll also be able to attend local weddings and concerts held on the farms.

Find your favorite activity

You’ll never run out of activities in Surrey. You’ll find the perfect courses to satisfy the most dedicated golfers, and suiting golf players of all skill levels. You’ll be able to tour the city on a bike while enjoying its natural beauty, find your favorite activity at the Newton Recreational Centre, or choose from more than 200 athletic facilities to play your favorite sport. After you’re done with your day, be sure to make the most out of your night by going for one of more than 420 slot machines, the racetrack, a major show lounge, and supreme restaurants at Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino.

attraction while visiting Surrey BC

Explore the wildlife

Once you’ve become familiar enough with the city of Surrey, you’ll realize that there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Surrey is home to an exquisite collection of wildlife that will keep you mesmerized, which you can witness firsthand by visiting the Rainforest Reptile Refuge. Being very popular with kids and adults alike, you’ll find more than 400 of the most exotic reptiles and amphibians of the Lower Mainland there. You’ll also be able to go bird spotting for more than 130 different bird species in the Serpentine Wildlife Area, more commonly known as Serpentine Fen.

Spend a day at the park or a beach

Surrey is known as the City of Parks, and it’s not for nothing. You’ll be able to go out with your family and enjoy a picnic almost anywhere across Surrey in its parklands and beaches, but you’ll also find a lot of activities to do and have fun. If you’re looking for both peace of mind and adventure, then you have to spend a day at the Bear Crescent Park, where you can go swimming, run a track, play sports, or ride Bear Creek Steam Train in the woods and through a magical tunnel across the seasonal displays. You’ll also be able to enjoy the sunny side of the city on Crescent Beach while going for a swim, fishing, kayaking, or boating. After all, is said and done, it’s time for a much-needed relaxation session to take your mind off the worldly stress—and there’s nowhere like Surrey to enjoy the peace.

Mark your calendar for festivals and events

If you’re planning your trip to Surrey, then you can’t miss out on some of the biggest and most entertaining festivals, concerts, and events in the whole area! Surrey is known for its festivals, and there is a big list of events taking place all through the year. Depending on the time of your visit, you may find yourself lucky enough to attend a Halloween or Christmas-themed train ride, a free Earth Day celebration, festival, diverse food-themed events of different cultures, and music events. The Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair are one of the most popular festivals in Surrey, too.

If Surrey is known for anything, it’s the amazing diversity of its population, which is evident in every aspect of the city. The diversity appears the most in the huge variety of authentic cuisines in the city, and even in some of the food-themed festivals. You can enjoy a peaceful time in a park, on the beach, exploring wildlife, or checking out the artistic and historical attractions. You can also spice up your visit with adventure and fun in any of the available activities and festivals. With more than 600 spacious parks, Agri-tourism activities, rich artistic and historical heritage, famous festivals, and majestic wildlife, your visit will never get boring.