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Marissa Collections

Interview with Daniel Ittig, CEO and Co-founder of Luxury 778 Ltd

The luxury real estate market in Switzerland offers a selected range of high-end properties in the most beautiful areas amid picturesque mountains and lakes. Given the high level of demand from homeowners...

Grover Zampa, Exploring India’s Finest Vineyards

India’s most awarded wine producers and pioneers of wine-making – Grover Zampa Vineyards have recently launched a premium range of International wines under their flagship La Réserve label in collaboration with Chateau D’ Etroyes –...

Gorgeous Actress, Lisa Rinna, and her Newly Launched Beauty Products

Accomplished actress, reality (real housewife) TV star, talk show host, clothes designer, New York Times best-selling author, mother to two daughters and wife to actor Harry Hamlin….I want to know where did...

Elppin – Magnets of Attention

Women empowerment is a hot topic for Carina Hardy of Elppin, a visual artist and jewelry designer who puts the breast at the forefront of her work. Elppin (“nipple” spelled backward) is...


Marissa Collections
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