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Pearl Necklaces – Opulence, Class & Glamour

Pearl necklaces are a perennial favorite, and some would consider them a must-have item over the years. Marilyn Munroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Coco Chanel, Princess Diana, The Queen of England, Elizabeth Taylor,...

Beautiful Teal Sapphires, Wear a piece of the Ocean & The Forest at Once

The Era for Teal Widely known as teal, this dark cyan-like hue was originally named after the bluish-green stripe around the eyes of a Eurasian duck. In recent years, the gem’s mesmerizing marine...

Buying a Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for a diamond is never an easy task. The difficulty occasioned with choosing one is attributable to lack of information on diamonds, the symbol, and commitment of what the rock means...

Rare Diamonds – An Unfailing Investment

With their inherent scarcity as a precious natural resource, rare diamonds are a reliable investment even in times of political and economic instability. Upscale Living magazine spoke to Ilan Kaplan, the Founder...

Bvlgari unveils its Stunning Barocko High Jewelry Collection

The pomp and circumstance around the unveiling of the new House of Bulgari line of jewelry were tamed due to Covid-19, but Barocko shines through. Although the normally high-brow and stunning display...

Grace Lee’s Demi Collection Is A Modern Spin On A Classic Gold Band

Los-Angeles based Grace Lee’s eponymous jewelry line has taken its inspiration from “amazing women” around her and “the way women move and live,” but her new collection, Demi, references the classic gold...

Meaningful Talismans

Sunny Setton De Poortere reinterprets ancient symbology

Eruption Collection: Guatemala’s Volcanoes Act as Muse

Alessandra Robles and Yuvraj Pahuja, the duo behind the Guatemala-Dubai-based Alessa Jewelry, have always had a weakness for geometric silhouettes.
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