Crescere in Latin means “to grow,” and it is all about a yacht going green, albeit with many styles. Its biggest talking point is an in-built saltwater pool which disappears when not in use. That clever mechanism and very Bond-esque is a  52-ft by a 10-ft lap pool, which is decked up with glass panels, and those panels rise out of the foredeck while there are high-speed pumps that fill it with saltwater. When not in use, it disappears to make for a Helipad. This concept yacht is a 433-foot showcase of how a modern-day luxury vessel can be made to embrace a greener outlook without sacrificing the core luxury factors. 

Hence, the aforementioned “disappearing” pool is just one of the many features of this superyacht. Of course, you cannot miss its green exterior, which is distinctive, while the design itself is very modern and replete with some breathtaking details. It is a sharp and futuristic nod to the future of superyachts. The whole theme of this concept is to create a spacious and airy feeling plus a place where the guests can relax along with clever space utilization.

Crescere Yacht Concept Interior
Courtesy Designova Creative

 The Crescere Concept Yacht has its own tropical garden and has a greenhouse core. The lounge area has an airy feeling with a “green” theme and a minimalistic but elegant feel. Powering the lounge area would be a smart watering system that is controlled autonomously via custom software along with a raft of sensors. Plus, to give guests the feeling of being one with nature, there are massive glass areas in the hull while the entire interior is bathed in natural light. The glass covering the center of the hull also creates a passage to allow in the fresh air. Finally, there is also a tender which can carry cars, and that is very cool plus somewhat convenient when you want your car collection at your arm’s length!

Interestingly for the hull, the designers of the Crescere have gone in for a somewhat retro design similar to a classic sailboat. Of course, with such green credentials, the power could not have been found under the realms of conventional sources, as in the case of the Crescere, there is a hybrid power train of electric and diesel. This is accompanied by bio-fuel generators and solar panels, which charge the big battery banks. The electric motors are used for everyday purposes, while the diesel power source is used when additional speed is required. Hence, while the Crescere has a feel of a massive luxury yacht, its speed is an ample 40 mph- akin to smaller vessels.

Crescere Yacht Concept exterior
Courtesy Designova Creative

Designed for an American buyer who clearly loves greenery and sustainable luxury, the Crescere is designed by J. David Weiss and is a master class in combining traditional luxury and modern-day minimalism. Overall, the Crescere certainly impressed with its stunning design, a vast glass-oriented deck cover, and its unique plant-based theme.