Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas Pudding. In a glass.

“To make PUD PUD Gin”  we put Hertfordshire made Christmas puddings into the still with juniper and fresh orange peel. The flavor is then extracted,” says Kate Marston of the UK’s Puddistone Distillery in Tring.

“Puddingstone Pudding Gin, or PUD PUD for short, is our winter seasonal release. The local Christmas puddings are distilled in Isabella our 50 liters still. As the pudding vapor rises it passes through a vapor basket containing Macedonian juniper and sweet orange. This is a distilled gin so we capture the spice and fruit notes of the puddings rather than the sweetness. PUD PUD is presented with labels made from cherry wood veneer finished with copper and gold foil.

Christmas Cake Gin

“For PUD PUD Cask we rest the gin in port and bourbon-infused casks, stuffed full of  Buckinghamshire cherries.

“The spice and juniper characteristics of PUD PUD are complemented by vanilla, caramel and bourbon notes and the sweet fruitiness of the port. The finished result is a light golden color with a touch of pink to the hue. Both are 40% ABV and are a real taste of a truly traditional English Christmas in the Chiltern Hills. Warm inside. Cold, out.”

London’s “Sacred Spirits” also makes Christmas Pudding gin using distiller Ian Hart’s Aunt Nellie’s Victoria recipe characterized by raisins and orange peel. An 8kg Christmas pudding is steamed for eight hours and then put into grain spirit for two months before being redistilled into a transparent Christmas pud-flavored gin.

Edinburgh Christmas Gin

Inspired by a family recipe, Warner’s Christmas cake gin is infused with dried orange, grapefruit peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cherries. For a taste of Scottish Yuletide,  Eden Mill, St Andrew has Cane Candy Gin and  Edinburgh Christmas Gin contains frankincense and myrrh.  |